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Best online streaming service providers and in Kenya.

Best Online Streaming services in Kenya

Just like any other form of technology, the Entertainment space is also changing at a fast pace all over the world; Africa included. 

From Radio entertainment to tv broadcasting then paytv, we are now seeing a surge in demand based online streaming entertainment options with a number of such platforms already available to choose from.

While there's still a debate of which is better than the other between paytvs such as DStv and Online streaming services such as Netflix, there is no doubt that online streaming is the future of entertainment and slowly but surely you will one day be enjoying one or more of these services if you're not already.

While there are only two major advantages paytv have over online streaming, the latter seems to have more advantages and the playing field could change anytime soon as fixed internet coverage increase and prices become more affordable. There are already a number of Home Internet Providers in Kenya including JTL'S Home fiber, Safaricom home and Zuku home fiber among others that you can choose from depending on your region.

If you're not able for one reason or another get home fiber, there are still a number of affordable Wi-Fi internet providers including Faiba Wi-Fi, Airtel, Telkom and Safaricom.

Best Online Streaming Services In Kenya.

Below we have listed a number of online streaming services you can choose from, and while others are well known there are some less known more affordable brands that you can give it a try.

  • Netflix
  • Showmax.
  • Viusasa
  • Airtel tv.
  • Iroko tv.
  • Amazon Prime Tv.
  • Hungama play
  • Mubi.
  • Spotify.

1. Netflix

Launched in the country in 2016, Netflix has since seen a huge growth in the country currently estimated to have over 30,000 subscribers.

Netflix is an online video-on demand subscription service provider that allows it's subscribers access tons of online entertainment from series, movies, Blockbusters, documentaries, tv shows, kids content among others.

It has an easy sign up process with an option to cancel at anytime and no hidden charges. You can choose between any of it's three packages Basic, Standard and premium.

Basic will cost you Ksh. 700 per month and allows you watch 1080p content on one screen at a time. Standard package costs Ksh. 950 per month and you can access upto 1080p content with upto 2 screens at any one given time while Netflix premium costs Ksh. 1200 per month and can stream upto 4K HDR content on upto 4 devices simultaneously.

The huge success of Netflix in the country is largely attributed to it's simple and transparent billing manner as well as it's exclusive Netflix original content that can't be accessed anywhere. 

Netflix Kenya pros:

  • Easy to sign up. All you need is an email account and a credit or debit card to start enjoying Netflix in Kenya.
  • Lots of entertainment content to choose from. Netflix is the world's Largest entertainment platform with a huge huge library of content to choose from.
  • Compatible to almost any device that csn be connected to internet including smart TVs, PCs, laptops, mobile and tablest.
  • Allows streaming via more than one device at any one given time depending on your plan.
  • Billing on Kenyan currency as opposed to using the US dollar like before thus avoiding extra costs due to currency exchange and inflation.
It's downsides include:
  • The need to have an active credit or debit card in order to use the service, since it doesn't accept M-Pesa payments like other paytv services in the country.
You can read more about Netflix Kenya including how to subscribe and make payments.

2. Showmax 

Best Online Streaming services in Kenya 2021

This is another great online streaming service that has been present in the country since October 2016 launched and operated by Multichoice the South African based company that is also behind DSTV and Gotv.

Showmax has three packages to choose from; the Mobile-only plan, Showmax standard and Showmax Pro. The mobile only packages costs Ksh. 380 per month, Showmax Standard Ksh. 760 per month and Showmax Pro Ksh. 1050 per month.

Just like Netflix, Showmax is compatible with almost all internet enabled devices including Smart TVs, Game consoles, PC's, Laptops, mobile phones, DSTV decorders and so much more. You can register upto 5 devices and stream on any two at any one given time.

The major advantage Showmax has over other online streaming services is that it offers gaming including all supersport games like EPL matches which are exclusive to Multichoice Africa.

Showmax Kenya Pros:

  • Easy sign up process. All you need is your email address and payment option.
  • Accepts multiple payment options including M-Pesa, it's major advantage over other other such platforms.
  • Highly affordable prices with no hidden charges or fees.
  • The ability to access supersport content including all EPL matches through Showmax Pro.
  • Lots or Showmax original content only available to Showmax subscribers.
3. Airtel Tv.
Best online streaming services in Kenya 2021

This is a Mobile based online streaming service offered by Airtel Kenya free of charge and only available for Airtel Subscribers.
It has all features of other online subscription services with series, movies, kids shows, local content and much more, all available absolute for free except for data bundles.
If you have an airtel line then you can download the Airtel tv Android or iOS app and check it out.
Features of Airtel Tv:
  • Available for Airtel Kenya subscribers only and needs an active Airtel line in order to sign up and use the platform.
  • Only available as an Android app, but if you have a smart TV you can enjoy it just like other services.
  • Is totally free and don't need to pay to use the service.
  • Has lots of entertainment options to choose from.
  • Is ad free and won't get any interuptions while using the platform.
Airtel Kenya has some of the best and most affordable Data bundles do you can afford to use Airtel tv.

4. Iroko tv.
Iroko tv is porpularity known as the "Netflix of Africa", an online video on-demand subscription service with a focus on African film with new content added every week.
It is available online with an option to sign up with your email or Facebook account, and like any other such services it is compatible with almost all devices that can be connected to the internet.
Iroko tv is one of the cheapest online streaming services with three subscription packages to choose from. They are a 12 month Nollwood for USD. 20, 12 Month international for USD. 20 or 12 Month Nollwood + international for USD. 30, all subscriptions renewable after one year. This is quite cheap and convinient as compared to monthly subscription services.

5. Amazon Prime TV.
Also known as Prime TV, Amazon Prime tv is a subscription based online streaming service that offers lots of content just like any other video on demand subscription service.
Started September 2006, Prime tv is owned by Amazon inc. and is readily available to Amazon prime shipping members while non members can also sign up for Prime tv world-wide.
Unlike other such services that offer all their content with a single monthly subscription, Prime tv also has in-house movie rental or purchase services something that could see your monthly bill skyrocket, especially if not living in developed countries.

6. Viusasa.
Am sure if you are reading this in Kenya then you must have heard about Viusasa if not using it already.  
Known as the "YouTube of Kenya", Viusasa is a video on-demand subscription platform that has thousands and thousands of content, be it videos, movie shows, music and so much more.
It is subscription based, meaning you have to pay in order to use the platform unlike Airtel tv which is free. However it's subscription prices are quite affordable as compared to other similar platforms. You can pay per day, weekly or monthly subscriptions and can choose to pay for videos only, music only or both.
It charges Ksh. 20 bob per day for movies only, Ksh. 15 per day for Music only or Ksh. 30 per day for both movies and Music.
If you prefer weekly subscription, then you will have to pay Ksh. 100 for videos only, Ksh. 75 for music only or Ksh. 150 for both. Monthly Viusasa subscribers have the option to choose between Ksh. 300 for movies, Ksh. 200 for music or Ksh. 450 for both movies and music. 
Viusasa has been largely congratulated for encouraging local content, and many artists and content creators are already shaping their future career paths with this great platform.

7. Mubi. is one of the best online film streaming service with new films added everyday. It also has a fairly cheaper monthly rate of USD. 5.99 with an option to save upto 64% with a yearly subscription plan.
In order to give you an option to decide if this is good enough for you or not, there is a free 7 day trial with an option to cancel anytime in case for one reason or another you don't like it.

8. Hungama Play.
If you are a Bollywood video lover, then this is the best app for you. Hungama is another online video on demand subscription based app that allows you access to tons of Nollwood and Bollywood videos, tv shows and music.
It also has some of the best subscription rates in the market with an option to choose between a USD. 5 per month music and video subscription, USD7 a month video and music subscription as well as a USD.4 per month music plan.
Hungama gives you lots of HD content including Hungama originals, unlimited movie subscriptions as well as unlimited downloads on the Hungama app.
The only one thing I didn't like about this site is their display of ads on their home page, yet they promise ad-free content.

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites In Kenya

Apart from online streaming service providers there are also a number of video streaming sites you can enjoy uninterrupted movie watching, but you must exercise extra caution when using such sites. You should also check for the legality of using such sites in the country as well as the security of such sites

Rundown of Best Free Streaming Sites.

1. 123Movies.

This site has been functional for long even in the wake of being closed down severally for utilizing different space names. Its smooth and simple to utilize plan that makes it simple to utilize. Here, you can pick a film contingent upon the date of creation as well as country it is from. Endless supply of films, you are naturally taken to page where it consequently plays. Notwithstanding, it needs download choice and thusly, you can't download a film to observe later on while disconnected.

2. Sun oriented Movie

Today is another all around respected streaming site. The site has one of the most amazing UIs that is not difficult to utilize. It has a decent plan and design with an intelligent connection point to keep clients on the page. Aside from its smooth encounters, the site has high goal and in any event, when you are on sluggish web, the recordings can in any case be stacked.

3. Vumoo

This site has a lot of broad library of films and TV programs. The site turns out to be routinely refreshed making it one of the most mind-blowing streaming locales with the most recent shows. On the off chance that you are looking for a film and don't recollect the name, many channel choices are accessible making it simpler to make it more straightforward to get and downloaded. Vumoo gives various connections and assuming one neglect to work you can utilize another connection.

4. Putlocker

This is the most established and most solid streaming site. Despite the fact that many endeavors have been made to close the site, it has been brought back under various area names. Here, there are numerous motion pictures with high goals. At the point when you watch a film in the theater and need to download it, there is a choice to see in camera duplicate in the event that its not accessible in the webpage however with inferior quality. With time, top notch video will be transferred when definition quality is free.

5. Popcorn Time.

In this site one can watch films and TV programs. New and impending titles are much of the time refreshed making the site upto date. The site is very steady with numerous language choices that makes a normal of 44 dialects.



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