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Nokia 8.3 5G Price In USA and Specifications

  Announced March 2020, the Nokia 8.3 5G is still one of the best mid-range 5G devices and has seen a good reception in a number of Nokia's Key markets. The Nokia 8.3 is available in a number of retail stores across the US for around $469 making it one of the most affordable 5G phones as well.  It supports almost all mobile technologies including GSM, HSPA, LTE and 5G. It is believed to be the first Smartphone to support all 5G networks but it's critics question it's lack of the mm wave support and somewhat outdated specs including an IPS LCD panel and lack of Bluetooth 6 compatibility. The Nokia 8.3 features a 6.81 inch Pureview display the biggest in a Nokia phone. It has a Full HD + display of 1080 x 2400 pixels and a pixel Density of 386 ppi. This is one of the best displays in a Nokia phone and it's HDR10 support is a good addition making this phone ideal for gaming and watching videos.  Being a 2020 phones it ships with Android 10 and is Android 11 ready thanks to

Nokia 7.2 Price In USA And Specifications

 Released September 2019, the Nokia 7.2 is a great mid-range smartphone still selling in a number of countries with a price of around $349 in USA. The price might vary slightly depending on the amount of RAM and the store you're buying from.  The Nokia 7.2 is seen as the successor of the Nokia 7.1 and is yet to get  a successor but with the introduction of the X and G series we might not get a Nokia 7.3 after HMD changed its phone naming convention.  Known for it's midrange specs, it was one of the most beautiful phones at the market during it's launch and is still looking good even now. There are a number of 2021 phones still featuring a waterdrop notch and a bottom chin just like this phone. The recently launched Oppo Reno 5F has a similar bottom chin as the Nokia7.2, and the likes of Samsung Galaxy A32 still feature a waterdrop notch instead of the punch hole which is largely seen as a 2021 feature. The Nokia 7.2 features a 6.3 inch FHD+  display and was among the first

Optimum Internet Plans, Prices and features.

  Optimum Internet plans are among the most competitive in the market with a number of options to choose from if you’re lucky to live in a region where their Services are available. Apart from internet Optimum also offer other services including TV, Mobile and Home Phone Services The brand by Altice offers it’s Services in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania and is one of the biggest cable internet providers in the US. It’s Gigabit internet with Speeds of up to 940 Mbps is their fastest internet connection available via fiber of Cable giving Optimum a good chance to compete with other Internet providers including at&t,  Verizon and Cox to name just but a few. Optimum is also well known for their most user friendly terms including no contracts, no data caps as well as no Early Termination fees. They also give you up to USD 500 contract buyout in case you want to move from your current Internet provider to Altice. Optimum Internet Pros. No annual contracts. USD. 500 contract buyou

Compare at&t Vs Cox Internet plans, prices, customer service and Speed.

 At&t and Cox Communications are two of the most renowned Internet Service providers with a wide coverage and a number of highly competitive internet plans, and in areas where these two operators offer their services it might be a little tricky to pick one from the other. At&t have broadly categorized or grouped their Internet plans based on the mode of connection, i.e fiber, DSL Hybrid and fixed wireless. On the other hand Cox offer DSL internet plans only. At&t fiber is one of the best in the market with symmetrical connection having the same download and upload speeds. They are also relatively cheaper as compared to the competition with no term contracts and no data caps. However their availability is very limited and might not be available in your area. If you’re lucky to be in a place where at&t fiber is available, then this could be your best bet, but if not then you will have to do a good job in researching and evaluating the available internet plans from var

Cox Internet Plans features and prices

 Cox Home Internet plans are among the most competitive in the market with a wide range of options to choose from. Cox provides cable internet which can offer higher speeds than those from DSL, Satellite or fixed wireless. This is a great alternative to those who can’t get access to fiber internet services like Verizon's FiOS  or at&t fiber. The only slight disadvantage of Cable internet over fiber is their very low upload speeds as compared to fiber which can deliver a symmetric connection with the same upload and download speeds.  Cox Gigablast which is the best of Cox home internet speeds can achieve up to 940 Mbps download speeds but sadly can only deliver up to 35Mbps upload speeds. This makes cable internet very unsuitable for online activities that require high upload speeds like online conferencing. Availability . Cox provides a number of services including internet, phone, tv and smart home security solutions in 18 states and Washington DC. The states are Arkansas,