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At&t Internet Packages, Plans, Prices And Deals 2022.

  AT&T is the largest Telecommunications company and one of the best internet service providers in USA. It provides high speed reliable home internet in a number of states via fiber, DSL fiber hybrid and fixed wireless. At&t internet is available in 21 states across the US being Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana ,Michigan, Kansas, Louisiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas, Nevada, Wisconsin and Missouri.  Most of at&t service areas are concentrated in the Southern region with 14 states, 5 in North Central and 2 in central. Those in the East don't have access to at&t services and will have to really on other ISP's like Verizon and Cox. While at&t Internet has a wide coverage as compared to other internet service providers, it's fiber internet which is by far the best of their home internet plans is only available to a few customers and many of their users re

Kenyans to Enjoy Lower Calling Rates Following CA's review of Interconnection rates.

  Kenyans could enjoy lower calling rates following the reduction of Mobile Termination Rate and Fixed Termination Rate by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) effective January 1 2022. MTRs and FTRs are rates which mobile operators charge each other when customers call across networks. These rates have been reviewed down to Ksh. 0.12 down from 0.99 which has been effective since 2015. The new move will likely see a number of operators drop their call rates per minute. Currently Airtel Kenya charges the lowest calling rates of Ksh. 2.78 for Airtel to Airtel or Airtel to other networks provided you're on Vuka 2.  On the other hand, Safaricom charges Ksh. 4.87 for on-net calls and 4.30 for off net calls. Telkom Kenya also charges Ksh. 4.87 per minute. According to the Communications Authority of Kenya, the revised rates will have a positive impact both to consumers and operators as it will allow operators more flexibility when coming up with innovative products while lowering o

How is Safaricom's 5G journey fairing on? Here is the answer.

 Safaricom PLC made headlines in March 2021 when it became the first Kenyan Telco to launch 5G network making Kenya the second African country to switch to 5G after South Africa. While launching the trial phase of the network, Safaricom announced that it was switching 5g network in parts of Nairobi, Kisumu, Kakamega and Kisii, with a televised 5g call between Kisumu and Kisii. The Telco has also announced that it is planning to launch commercial 5G services in the country come 2022, and by then will have increased it's 5G base stations to between 150 and 200 across a number of Cities and towns in the country. While this is no doubt a huge move that is highly awaited by many including myself, there's no doubt that commercial 5G connectivity might still take a number of years before it is actualized in many African countries, Kenya included. This is because of a number of challenges which I think even Governments and network operators are fully aware of but first; What is 5G? 5G

You can now get 3 Gigabit internet with Xfinity Gigabit Pro plan.

  Comcast is now claiming the top spot in residential Internet speeds thanks to their Gigabit Pro Plan which Offers a 3Gigabit Internet plan with symmetrical speeds of up to 3Gbps both download and uploads. While this might look like an overkill for many households who might not need such amount of bandwidth, it will be a welcomed move by those who like connecting multiple devices on the go. In order to get connected you first need to check if the Gigabit Pro plan if available in your region, then contact Xfinity for a survey  visit to confirm if your residence is eligible for the 3 gig plan. The Xfinity Gigabit Pro plan will cost you $300 per month with a two year contract plus a monthly device fee as well as connection fee and other extra charges which might ride your initial overall installation cost considerably. If the plan is not available in your region you can opt in for the Gigabit plan which costs $85 per month for the first year and $100 per month thereafter. The plan has do

Optimum Internet Plans, Prices and features.

  Optimum Internet plans are among the most competitive in the market with a number of options to choose from if you’re lucky to live in a region where their Services are available. Apart from internet Optimum also offer other services including TV, Mobile and Home Phone Services The brand by Altice offers it’s Services in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania and is one of the biggest cable internet providers in the US. It’s Gigabit internet with Speeds of up to 940 Mbps is their fastest internet connection available via fiber of Cable giving Optimum a good chance to compete with other Internet providers including at&t,  Verizon and Cox to name just but a few. Optimum is also well known for their most user friendly terms including no contracts, no data caps as well as no Early Termination fees. They also give you up to USD 500 contract buyout in case you want to move from your current Internet provider to Altice. Optimum Internet Pros. No annual contracts. USD. 500 contract buyou