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List of Top Home internet service providers in Kenya.


Top home internet Service providers in Kenya

Over the recent past Home internet demand has risen in the country with a bigger concentration in the country's capital Nairobi and other Major towns. Home internet is now becoming a huge demand as many Kenyans turn to working and studying at home while the internet is also becoming a key source of home entertainment, something that has been accelerated by the existence of a number of online streaming services like Netflix, Showmax and YouTube to name just but a few.
If you are looking for an affordable home internet service Provider, here we have some of the best internet service providers in the country and while we admit that we might not have captured all home internet service providers in Kenya we have done our best to give you a comprehensive list as possible.
We also encourage you to first check out the  Key Factors to consider when choosing an ISP provider before settling on any one of these internet providers.
If in any case you are also having trouble with your current home internet provider bacause of their unreliable services or you feel they are way much expensive than it could also be high tome consider other alternatives.

Compared to mobile internet, home internet also known as fixed internet has a number of advantages including:

  • High speed uninterrupted internet connection. You can get any bandwidth size you want depending with your needs, with most top internet providers giving you unrivalled home speeds. Zuku can give you upto 60 Mbps while Faiba on it's part can deliver up to 125 Mbps high speed internet connection.
  • Home internet gives you the advantage of unlimited internet. Considering that mobile internet is still an expensive resource in the country, Home internet is an ideal alternative to enjoy unlimited internet that can cater for all your online needs.
Below is our  top 10 list of home internet providers in Kenya. Please Note that since our focus on this post is on fixed home internet providers who can deliver unlimited internet home connection, we have dropped a number of other alternatives without monthly subscriptions and that is why you won't see the likes of Telkom home and Airtel home in the list.

Top home internet service providers in Kenya.
  • Jamii Telecom Fiber to the home
  • Zuku Home.
  • Safaricom Home
  • Poa internet.
  • Liquid Telecom
  • Tabana Wireless
  • Vayacom.
Jamii Telecommunications LTD (JTL) comes third after Zuku and Safaricom in terms of home fiber connections. However due to it's high fixed internet bandwidth we decided to put it at the top of our list.
JTL became Kenya's first ISP to deliver 1000 Mbps capacity network to both Home or business in Kenya.
JTL'S FTTH is based on Gigabit Passive Optics Network (GPON) technology which provides speeds of upto 2.5 Gbps downstream and upstream speeds of upto 1.25 Gbps.
Faiba Home offers 4 home internet packages with the cheapest being 30 Mbps for Ksh.5,000 per month upto 125 Mbps for Ksh.20,000.
Faiba have four Home internet packages of 30Mbps @ Ksh. 5,000, Ksh. 10,000, 75Mbps @ Ksh. 15,000 and 125Mbps @ Ksh.20,000. Read this post to learn more about JTL's Faiba internet.

2.Zuku Home.
Internet Service providers in Nairobi

Zuku is one of the best internet service providers in Kenya and beyond. It is a brand under Wananchi Group well known for it's affordable internet packages and satellite TV services. Zuku have been closely contesting with Safaricom to become the leading fixed internet provider in the country.
Despite it's Limited coverage in the country, Zuku has a wide network coverage in Nairobi and parts of Mombasa as well as Nakuru.
Zuku's most affordable package costs  Ksh.2,499 for 10 Mbps. There also other packages to choose from upto 60 Mbps for 5,299.
Here are more details about Zuku Home internet including how to get connected.

3. Safaricom Home.

Following the new changes on their Home fibre, Safaricom Home is now one of the most affordable in the country, rivalling JTL and Zuku.

The new Safaricom home internet packages are Bronze @ Ksh. 2900 for 8Mbps, Silver @ Ksh. 3,999 for 20Mbps, Gold @ Ksh. 5999 for 40 Mbps and Diamond @ Ksh. 11,499 for 100 Mbps.

The new changes makes Safaricom home the best internet connection in the country, becoming cheaper than JTL's home which currently provides 75Mbps for Ksh. 15,000 and 30 Mbps for Ksh. 5,000.
On it's part, Zuku's 10Mbps costs Ksh. 2,499.
However there's a catch, and as from 1st March 2021 Safaricom home fibre will no longer be unlimited, and Fair Usage Policy will apply.
Those on Bronze plan which gives 8Mbps will now have their speeds reduced upto 1Mbps once they hit a 500GB mark, while those on Silver, Bronze, Gold and Platinum will have to content with 3Mbps once they reach 1Tb of data.

4. POA! Internet.
Internet Service providers in Nairobi

POA Internet is one of the fastest growing broadband internet providers in Nairobi and it's environs. It is the leading network provider in low income estates, a bold move that no main stream ISP would have thought of.
POA internet costs Ksh.1500 per month for upto 4Mbps, the cheapest  deal so far. 
You also get free access to it's over 13,000 Uko poa wifi Hotspots across it's network region.

5. Liquid Telecom.
Internet Service providers in Nairobi

Liquid Telecom is one of the leading internet Solutions provider across Africa and beyond.
It also provides a number of home internet Solutions through its retail partners including Hai, available in Kenya,Rwanda, Zambia, Uganda and Tanzania.

It prides itself of being the most reliable service provider in the market, with the ability to provide upto 100 Mbps internet connection with no buffering, interference and no 'broken' signals.

Their services are available if you're lucky to live within one of their over 75 transmission points, either through a fibre connections or WIMAX. 

LiQuid Telecom provides a number of home Packages from Ksh.2825 for 5 Mbps upto Ksh. 11,301 for 100 Mbps, Available for both home and business.

6. Elink Home.
Elink home has 3 packages to choose from, 8 Mbps @ Ksh.2499, 11 Mbps @ Ksh.2999 and 14 Mbps for Ksh. 3,99. They offer free Installation but have to pay Ksh.2,500 for the router.

7. Tabana Wireless.
This is another affordable internet Service provider with four home plans to choose from:
  • 1 Mbps - Ksh. 800.
  • 2 Mbps - Ksh. 1299.
  • 3 Mbps - Ksh. 2099.
  • 5 Mbps - Ksh. 2499.
8. Vayacom.
This is another customer centric Internet Service Provider that delivers competitive home internet connections to a number of Estates. It also provider Internet solutions to businesses using fiber, VSAT or Wireless Technology. It's home packages are:
  • Bronze: 5 Mbps . Ksh. 2,999.
  • Silver:.   10 Mbps. Ksh.3,999.
  • Gold:.     20 Mbps. Ksh. 5,499.
  • Platinum:. 40 Mbps. Ksh. 7,999.
Of all the upcoming ISP providers featured on this list, we must confess that Vayacom is the best customer centric with a good highly responsive and detailed Website.
Vayacom Contacts:
Customer Care: 0735-150-000
NSSF Building 9th Floor Eastern Wing Upper Hill,
Nairobi Kenya.


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