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All Safaricom data bundles and how to subscribe

Safaricom data bundles

Safaricom has been Kenya's leading telecommunications provider for a number of years now; and has quite a long list of products and services offered to its local and international customers.
Well known for it's revolutionary mobile money platform M-pesa, Safaricom is also the leading mobile data provider in the country.
It has quite a long list of data plans to choose from, be it daily, weekly, monthly or special data plans.
After mounting Public Pressure, Safaricom had to introduce unexpiry data bundles, with an option to buy data for whichever price you want. Thy also maintained their expiry data  plans.
Below is a full list of all Safaricom's data plans and their pricing.

Safaricom Daily data bundles.
Telkom calls their normal data plans Freedom bundles, for they give ypu more freedom, while Airtel calls theirs amazing data bundles because you will be amazed by their price.
Safaricom don't have a special term for their daily, weekly or monthly data bundles that every one is used to, under *544#.
Apparently they are also the most expensive, but many don't have an alternative especially in rural areas where other networks have poor network connection.
Daily data bundle:
Price.    Data
1.99        500 MB + 500 SMS+ free WhatsApp.
2.50.        150 MB + 150 SMS+free WhatsApp.
3.20.        50 MB + 50 SMS+ free WhatsApp.
4.10.        15 MB + 15 SMS.
5.5.           7MB+ 7 SMS.

Weekly data bundles.
Price         data.
1.500  3GB + free WhatsApp
2.250.  1 GB + free WhatsApp
3.99.     350MB + free WhatsApp
4.50.    100 MB.

Monthly data plans
Price.      data.
1.3,000.      25 GB + free WhatsApp
2.2,000.       15 GB + Free WhatsApp
3.1,000.        5 GB + Free WhatsApp
4.500.           2 GB + free WhatsApp
5. 250.          350 MB.

90 day bundles.
Price.        data.
9000.          30GB.
6,000.         16GB.
3,000.         6GB.
Many of these data bundles come with free WhatsApp for the entire validity period of the data purchased.
Unlike Airtel's free WhatsApp, this one kicks in once the purchased data is exhausted and at reduced speeds.
All Safaricom's daily data come with free on net SMS.

Safaricom All in one month plans.
This is Safaricom's latest addition to their subscription plans, which came after the success of Telkom's Mzito bundle.
The All in one monthly bundles  gives you an opportunity to choose a data only plan or the one with both data and call minutes. You also get to choose between higher data and lower minutes or vice versa.
All in one month bundles.
  • 1.5 GB + 100 minutes + 500 SMS + free WhatsApp.
  • 2 GB + free WhatsApp.
2. Ksh. 1,000.
  • 5 GB + free WhatsApp.
  • 200 minutes + 4 GB + 1000 SMS + Free WhatsApp.
  • 400 minutes + 1 GB + 1,000 SMS + free WhatsApp.
3. Ksh. 2,000.
  • 15 GB + free WhatsApp.
  • 600 minutes + 12 GB + free WhatsApp.
  • 1,000 minutes + 3 GB + 2,000 SMS + free WhatsApp.
4. Ksh.3,000.
  • 25 GB + free WhatsApp.
  • 900 minutes + 20 GB + 3,000 SMS + free WhatsApp.
  • 1,500 minutes + 5 GB + 3,000 SMS + free WhatsApp.
5. Ksh. 5,000
  • 1,500 minutes + 35 GB + 5,000 SMS + free WhatsApp.
  • 2,500 minutes + 10 GB + 5000 SMS + free WhatsApp.
6. Ksh. 10,000.
  • 3,500 minutes + 50 GB + 1,000 SMS + free WhatsApp.
  • 7,500 minutes + 20 GB + 10,000 SMS + free WhatsApp.
  • 4GB + 200 minutes + 1000 SMS.
  • 1GB +400 minutes +1000 SMS
All the above data bundles come with free WhatsApp.

Tunukiwa data plans.
Tunukiwa is one of Safaricom's loyalty rewards that was designed to give each subscriber specialized daily airtime, minutes and data plans.
Below are some Tunukiwa data bundles:
Price.          data.        Validity
50.               2GB.           1 hour.
90.               300MB.      7 days.
99.               350MB.      7 days.
150.             1.7GB.        24 hours
150.             520MB.      2 days.
Unlike other data plans, Tunukiwa keeps changing from time to time.
To subscribe dial *444#.
You can also check extra Tunukiwa data offers under 'hot deals' or on My Safaricom app.

Safaricom Blaze bundles.
This is a youth focused network, wich strictly accepts members of between 18 and 26 years.
Below are blaze data bundles with daily, weekly or monthly validity periods.
  • 70 Mb + 70 SMS @ Ksh. 20
  • 200Mb + 200 SMS @ Ksh.50
  • 1 GB +200 SMS @ Ksh.100
  • 350 Mb @ Ksh.100
  • 1 GB for Ksh.250
  • 4 GB @ Ksh.500
  • 3 GB for Ksh.500
  • 7.5 GB for Ksh.1000
  • 20 GB for Ksh. 2000.
  • Blaze data are relatively cheap as compared to the ordinary Safaricom data.
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Safaricom fibre to the Home.
Fibre to home provides reliable constant uninterrupted internet to homes, buildings and offices through fibre.
The service is available in selected parts of Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumsu, Eldoret, Thika and Nyeri.
Safaricom home fibre packages.
 Home plan    Price   bandwidth   validity
1.Bronze         2,900     5Mbps           30 days
2.Silver           3,999     10Mbps         30 days
3.Gold             5,699     20                   30 days
4.Diamond    11,499    40                   30 days
                Fibre plus     
 Plus plan.          Price   Mbps     data  mints
1.Bronze plus    3400    5Mbps    2Gb     100
2.Silver plus      4999    10Mbps   4 Gb    200
3.Gold plus        6699     20Mbps  4 Gb    200
4.Diamond plus 12,499   40Mbps 4 GB   200
Safaricom Giga  bundles.
These are heavy-duty bundles available under *544#.
  • Daily 1 GB @ Ksh.99.
  • Weekly 10 GB @ Ksh.999.
After stiff competition from Airtel and Telkom, Safaricom had no option but to reluctantly join the 1GB game by introducing the daily Giga bundle.
When they revamped their data bundles to include free WhatsApp, they silently removed this offer but had to bring it back due to backlash from it's subscribers.
They also included the weekly giga bundle @ Ksh. 999. You can read more about that Here.
Since Safaricom considers the giga bundles an offer and not main stream bundles, they do not come with free WhatsApp.
Safaricom platinum plans.
Safaricom platinum is advanced version of blaze targeting customers over 27 years.
They are monthly plans with one time purchase option or an auto renew option under platinum plus.
Apart from data there are call minutes for local and international calls depending on the plan subscribed to.



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