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How To Buy Safaricom Tunukiwa Offers including Minutes, SMS And Data.

Tunukiwa Bundles

Safaricom Tunukiwa daily has now become part and parcel of Kenyan life and many Safaricom customers have embraced it due to it's high affordability as compared to normal rates be it on data, SMS or call minutes. For instance, instead of buying 150 Mbs at ksh.50 daily you can get Tunukiwa 180 Mb daily at the same price.

What are Tunukiwa Bundles?
Tunukiwa is a Swahili term for 'rewarded'. Safaricom Tunukiwa, therefore, is one of the many Safaricom' s loyalty programs aimed at rewarding their customers for staying loyal and using Safaricom products and services. Others are :
  1. Safaricom bonga. Allows you to earn bonga points when you buy various Safaricom products and services. You can later on redeem the points for various goods and services including Bonga Points Phones.
  2. Storo bonus.where you get free airtime to be used for SMS and calls once you reach your daily storo target.
Tunukiwa was introduced in April 2017, immediately after Airtel Kenya launched a product known as Airtel Tubonge. This came after an unsuccessful attempt at promoting flex, a service  that never picked up despite various attempts to popularize it including widespread media adverts. At this point in time there was a firce  Data War in the country after Airtel introduced a daily IGB data offer @ Ksh.99.  
Thankfully Safaricom Tunukiwa Offers picked up and is still quite valuable to date.

Why purchase Safaricom Tunukiwa?
  1. It has the cheapest offers in terms of calls, data and SMS bundles as compared to the normal Safaricom rates, especially if you need large volumes over short periods of time. Currently the Tunukiwa 2 GB 1 hour data is the best Safaricom version of unlimited internet. 
  2. As compared to normal Safaricom services, Tunukiwa has diverse validity periods, ranging from 1 hour, 3 hours, 24 hours, 7 days and even 1 month, so that you can choose a validity that best suit your needs at the time. You can also experiment with various validity periods and see which one gives the best value for money.
  3. You can choose from a wide range of minutes, data or special offers that are available.
  4. You can now buy Safaricom Tunukiwa With Bonga points.
Yes, you can now buy Tunukiwa with bonga points. This is available under Tunukiwa daily special.
You get to choose from the following:
  • 1 GB at 1000 bonga points.
  • 500 Mb at 500 bonga points
  • 250 Mb at 250 bonga points
  • 100 Mb at 100 bonga
  • 50 Mb at 50 bonga 
  • 20 Mb at 20 bonga points.
All data options above have a seven day validity period.

How to buy Tunukiwa Bundles.
Tunukiwa gifts you with daily data, SMS and talk time.
You can purchase any time by use of any of the following platforms:
1. USSD.
On your safaricom line, dial *444#. To buy tunukiwa internet, select option one and choose your preferred bundle. For tunukiwa minutes select option 2 and choose from the available options as shown below.(please note that tunukiwa options keep on changing and at the time of publishing this post tunukiwa minutes were as indicated below, but may be by the time you are reading this post, the options have changed.)
Tunukiwa Bundles

for tunukiwa specials go to option 3. This is the option that as I Edith this post is now is allowing you redeem your bonga points for various data bundle options.

On My Safaricom App.
If  you have not downloaded the app or updated it, you might have to do that now.
Open My Safaricom app  and go to Tunukiwa at the top right as shown below.
You can choose from data, minutes and special.
Safaricom Tunukiwa

Why the app is even more interesting than USSD is because of the following reasons:
  1. Your Tunukiwa talk time, SMS and data balance are automatically displayed below, and you don't have to request for tunukiwa balance.
  2. Under specials there are sometimes great offers which are not found on *444#, eg 1 Gb  at Ksh. 49 valid for 3 hours. This is one of Safaricom's strategies to encourage you use the app.
How to buy Tunukiwa minutes.
  • Dial *444# on your Safaricom line.
  • Select Option 2, 'Buy minutes'
  • Select option 1 for calls and SMS with no expiry.
  • Choose option 1 to buy for your number of options 2 to buy for another number.
  • Enter amount you wish to spend.
  • Select option 1 to pay with airtime or option 2 to pay via M-Pesa.
  • Confirm you purchase and complete the transaction.
  • You will receive an SMS confirmation of your purchase.
  • You can also select option 2 under *444# to buy Tunukiwa minutes with 50% extra bonus valid till midnight. For example, Ksh.100 will give you 150 Tunukiwa airtime valid till midnight.
How to buy Tunukiwa internet bundles.
To buy Tunukiwa data bundles, dial *444# then select option 3, 'Tunukiwa internet'. Choose from the following Tunukiwa data offers :
  • 150 Mb  @ ksh.40 valid for 24 hours.
  • 1.5 GB @ ksh. 40 valid for 1 hour.
  • 2 GB @ ksh.50 valid for 1 hour.
  • 350 Mb @ Ksh. 99 valid for 7 days.
  • 880 Mb @ Ksh.25 valid for 2 days
  • 300 Mb @ksh. 90 valid for 7 days.
  • 500 Mb @ ksh.140 valid for 48 hours.
The 1 GB @ ksh.340 valid for 1 month is no longer available, And another sad fact here is that the normal unexpiry data bundles under *544# are more affordable than the listed Tunukiwa data offers. Ksh. 200 gives you 1,000 MB unexpiry data instead of the one week 800 MB above.

How to buy Tunukiwa credo Dabo Dabo.
In a bid to increase the relevance of Tunukiwa offers, Safaricom have added a new feature, "Tunukiwa Dabo Dabo" which awards double airtime upto 200% for a given price.
For example, you can get Ksh.80 airtime for just Ksh.40.
It also has a varied validity period ranging from 24 hrs to 30 days, but knowing the way Safaricom operates, it is likely you will be mostly seeing 24 hour validity offers.
To purchase credo  dabo dabo:
  • Dial *444#.
  • Select option 1 'Buy credo dabodabo'.
  • Select option one to choose your own bundle price, or pick any from theist given starting from option 2.
  • Select 1 to pay with Airtime, 2 for M-Pesa, 3 to use Bonga or 4 to buy with Okoa Jahazi.
Tunukiwa Flexibility
At it's inception, tunukiwa had been designed in such a way that it was tailor made for every custmer, meaning that if two people where to dial *444# at the same time, their tunukiwa options won't be the same, since it was more of a personalized reward program. This was intended to make customers wish to know what Safaricom had ' tunukia' them on a daily basis.
However, nowadays Safaricom Tunukiwa has got somewhat standardized, and the offers seem constant on various days and people can now buy similar tunukiwa.
It is worth noting here that there are also offers which were there but no longer exist, e.g the daily 4G unlimited at ksh.300 for three hours and the 60 minutes talk time at ksh.10 valid for three hours. I bet Safaricom must have realized they were loosing a lot on these two offers and decided to face them off. However, there is a great 1Gb monthly offer at Ksh.340, which is much cheaper compared to Ksh.499 on *544#
Also something to note here is that the options available keep on changing, and you might need to always check if there are new options that you might like at any one given time.
I was scrolling through the various Tunukiwa internet options today and something got my attention, 2 GB data for 1 hr @ Ksh. 50, an offer I think is best suited for heavy 4 G video downloads.

How to subscribe.
follow the following steps:
  1. Dial *444# on your Safaricom line.
  2. Select option 1'Buy Tunukiwa internet'.
  3. Go to option 7,'2Gb @ Ksh. 50 valid for 1 hour'.
  4. Choose to pay by airtime, mpesa or okoa jahazi.
Alternatively, go to 'my Safaricom app', click on Tunukiwa and scroll through Tunukiwa internet up to 2 Gb@ 50 valid for one hour and click buy then confirm your purchase.
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