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Unbeatable Prices And Speeds: AT&T's Internet Plans And Pricing.

At&t Internet packages, plans and pricing  AT&T is the largest Telecommunications company and one of the best internet service providers in USA.

It provides high speed reliable home internet in a number of states via fiber, DSL fiber hybrid and fixed wireless.

At&t internet is available in 21 states across the US being Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana ,Michigan, Kansas, Louisiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas, Nevada, Wisconsin and Missouri. 

Most of at&t service areas are concentrated in the Southern region with 14 states, 5 in North Central and 2 in central. Those in the East don't have access to at&t services and will have to really on other ISP's like Verizon and Cox.

While at&t Internet has a wide coverage as compared to other internet service providers, it's fiber internet which is by far the best of their home internet plans is only available to a few customers and many of their users rely on DSL Hybrid connection with a few using their fixed wireless connection.

The type of connection you get largely depends on where you live and will to a large extend affect the quality of the internet you will receive. If you are lucky to be living in a region where at&t fiber is available, then you should consider signing up for one of their plans which are among the most competitive in the market right now. Otherwise you will have to settle for one of their DSL plans as explained below.

It is also wise for us to mention here that at&t fiber plans have a number of advantages over it's other internet plans including unlimited internet and same equal download and upload speeds usually known as Symmetric connection. On the other hand DSL Hybrid plans have very low download speeds making them not good for anyone who plans to do alot of online conferencing or uploading. 

Why Choose at&t Internet.

As stated above, at&t is one of the best internet service provider in the US and below are just some of the reasons why you should consider this ISP: 
  • It provides fiber internet, fiber/DSL Hybrid and Fixed Wireless Internet connections depending on your residential area in the above states. The wide range of connections ensures as many households as possible get an internet connection.
  • At&t offers a wide range of internet plans to choose from with competitive prices as compared to the competition.
  • No contracts required. at&t nternet plans auto-renew monthly so you won't have to worry about long term contracts that could come with huge inconveniences when you want to change your plan or move to another ISP provider.
  • Some packages especially fiber plans have unlimited internet data allowance which allows you to go online without worrying about extra costs that come with exhausting your data allowance.
  • You can save a lot by bundling your tv and internet in one bill.
  • All at&t Internet Plans have 12 months promotional prices for first time customers.
  • There are a number of other offers and gift cards for some lucky users.
  • At&t Internet comes with an easy to install kit with an option to go for self installation.

What you should pay attention to:

  • There are other extra charges including monthly internet equipment rental fee and a one time installation fee. While you can opt for self installation in some areas, at&t doesn't give you an option to use your own equipment as the case with many other providers like Xfinity and Cox.
  • Some packages have data caps and you will be charged upon exhausting your monthly data allowance. This can increase your monthly internet bill considerably.
  • Fiber internet is not available in many regions.

AT&T Internet Plans.

At&t has a wide range of internet plans to suit almost every one who needs an internet connection and lives in the states where their services are available.

The packages are also tailored to meet the internet needs of individual customers and you have an option to pick one of the options available in your area.

But as stated above, the type of connection you will get will largely be determined by it’s availability in your region with those living in rural areas where fiber and DSL not available likely to get a fixed wireless connection.

At&t fiber internet plans.

At&t fiber gives it’s customers an option to choose between three plans of internet 300, internet 500 and internet 1000.

So far these are the best internet plans from at&t and in the market and if you're in a region where these plans are available then you should highly consider signing up for one of them.

These fiber plans have very high reliability with equal download and upload speeds making them ideal for working at home, teleconferencing, multi-player gaming and streaming.

Internet 300.                $35/Month.

For $300 per month you get a fiber connection of up to 300 Mbps. This package is good for streaming, watching HD videos, online gaming and large file sharing.

Internet 500.             $45/Month.

For $45 per month you get a fiber connection of up to 500Mbps. This is good for multiple users, streaming and sharing large files.

Internet 1,000.            $60/Month.

For  $60 per month you get a fiber connection of up to 940 Mbps download speeds good for connected homes, heavy online gaming and  home offices.

Please Note that:

•Actual customer speeds may vary based on several factors.

• These packages have limited availability so you must first check if they are available in your region

• There may be other charges like internet equipment rental fee and connection fee.

At&t DSL Hybrid Internet Plans.

Internet 100.            $45/Month.

For $45 per month you get up to 100Mbps internet good for HD video streaming, gaming and large file sharing.

Internet 50.  $45/Month.

This package gives you up to 50Mbps internet connection good for video streaming, sharing videos and photos as well as online gaming.

Internet 25.          $45/Month.

This plan gives you up to 25Mbps internet good for streaming, sharing videos & photos and online gaming.

Internet 18.      $45/Month.

With this plan you get up to 18Mbps good for HD video streaming, Sharing videos & photos as well as online gaming.

Internet 10.       $45/Month.

This plan gives you up to 10Mbps internet good for social networking, downloading music & videos and streaming.

At&t Basic Internet Plans.

Internet Basic 768.   $45/Month.

For $45 per month this plan gives you up to 0.8Mbps good for emails and light web surfing.

Internet Basic 1.5.    $45/Month.

This plan gives you up to 1.5Mbps good for downloading small files, web surfing and social networking.

AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet.

At&t fixed wireless is available mostly in regions where fiber and DSL connections are not available. They are best for rural homes and businesses who can’t get a fiber of DSL internet connection.

At&t Fixed Wireless. $69.99/Month.

This plan gives you up to 10Mbps fixed internet connection.

There is also an option to bundle the Fixed internet with DIRECTV for $59.99 and get at least 10Mbps internet connectivity.

Please Note that at&t fixed wireless users are allocated a data allowance of 350GB per month. Any data above this will be charged $10 per every 50GB addition data up to a maximum of $200 per month.


This is a low cost at&t Internet service for qualifying households in the 21 states that at&t Internet is available.

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These are bundle offers that allows you save by bundling your tv and internet under one bill.

With these plans you can connect multiple devices via Wi-Fi with smart home management app.

At&t Internet + Unlimited package.  $139.99 per month.

Strong fast Wi-Fi.
Live TV with thousands of on-demand titles.
20 hours of cloud DVR storage
Get HBO Max included for 1 year which autorenews after 12 months at $14.99 per month.
Make unlimited hours of cloud DVR for USD 10 per month.

At&t Internet + Choice Package $129.99

Live TV, 4,500+ on-demand titles.
20 hours of cloud DVR storage. Make it Unliminet hours for $10 per month.
Get HBO Max included for 1 year and pay 14.99 per month thereafter.

At&t Internet + Entertainment package $114.99 per month.

Strong fast Wi-Fi
Live TV and 40,000+ on-demand titles.
20 hours of cloud DVR storage. Make it Unlimited hours for USD 10 per month.


1. Entertainment package + Internet. USD 109.99/Month.

160+ channels 60+ in HD.
24 month tv agreement. Termination fee of $20 per month for each month remaining on tv agreement
$19.95 activation fee
Pricing for first 12 months only, thereafter prevailing rates apply.
You receive unlimited data allowance as long as you maintain a tv bundle.
3 Months of HBO Max, Cinemax, Showtime, STARZ and EPIX at no extra charge.
USD 10/Month equipment fee.

2. Choice Package + Internet$114.99/Month

185 + channels 85+ in HD.
24 months tv agreement, price higher in second year.
$10/Month internet equipment fee.
1 year of HBO Max plus 3 months of Cinemax, Showtime, STARZ and EPIX included.
Regional sports networks included.

3. Ultimate package + Internet. $129.99/Month.

250+ channels 115+ in HD.
Prices higher in second year.
USD 10 per month equipment fee.
1 year of HBO Max plus 3 months of Cinemax, Showtime, STARZ and EPIX included.
Regional sports networks included.

AT&T U-verse.

Launched in 2006, at&t U-verse is now known as at&t Internet. There are three offers under these plans which are:

High-speed Connection.    $45/M

With this plan you get a strong Wi-Fi in your home with consistent speeds.

Data is capped at 1 TB and you will be charged $10 for every addition 50GB up to $100 per month. You can however purchase an unlimited plan for $30 per month.

AT&T TV.    $84.99/Month.

40,000 on-demand titles and live TV, 500 hours of cloud DVR storage, access to 5,000+ apps like Netflix and Pandora.

You also get at&t TV device and voice remote with Google assistant.

There’s also HBO Max included for 1 year which will charge $14.99 per month thereafter until cancelled.

Internet + At&t TV.       $129.99/Month

This plan gives you unlimited internet connection with other offers including:

40,000 on-demand titles and live TV.

500 hours of cloud DVR storage

Access to 5,000+ apps.

HBO Max included for 1 year. Pay $14.99 per month thereafter till cancelled.

How Good is at&t Customer Satisfaction?
Customer Satisfaction is usually one of the key features to consider when picking an ISP provider. No one wants to spend hours on the line waiting for a technical issue to be address or to get simple answers and explanations on their monthly bill, therefore getting an isp that responds to your queries on time is quite critical.
Thankfully there are a number of customer satisfaction tracking bodies with their annual statistics helping millions of Americans make informed decisions when making purchases.
At&t prides itself of it's customer service and ranks very well in major customer satisfaction rankings. According to the 2021 J.D. Power's US Residential Internet Service Provider Satisfaction at&t ranked 1st in North Central & South regions and 2nd in West region after Midcontinent.  
On a 1000-point scale, at&t Scored 732 points in North Central, 753 in South and 728 in West respectively.
Also according to American Customer Satisfaction Index 2021 at&t also ranked 1st with a score of 71 points up from 68 the previous year. It ranked ahead of rivals Verizon and Xfinity who scored 71 and 67 points respectively.

How fast is at&t Internet?

Well, this is a question that is usually area dependent, based on a number of factors including the internet plans available in your area and largely by the type of internet connection you are using, with fiber outperforming other types followed by DSL, cable and lastly fixed wireless.

Unlike in customer satisfaction, at&t doesn't seem to perform so we'll when it comes to speed test, latency and consistency as compared to other major internet providers in the US.

According to the second quarter statistics from Ookla a speed testing website, in it's Q2 2021 speed statistics at&t ranked fifth with a Speed Score of 132.48 behind Verizon, Cox, Xfinity and Spectrum with speed scores of 178.83, 168.56, 161.87 and 143.57 respectively. 

At&t also ranked sixth in latency with a 19ms latency and ranked fifth in consistency test with a score of 78.2%. 

At&t Customer service:

Phone: 1-800-288-2020.
Facebook: @att.
Twitter: @atthelp.


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