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Xfinity Internet plans features and prices.


Xfinity Internet packages and prices

Xfinity Home Internet plans are among the most competitive in the market with a wide range of options to choose from.

Xfinity is a brand name under Comcast that provides a number of services including internet, cable TV, home security and VoiP phone services.

Xfinity is the largest cable internet provider in US with presence in 39 states as well as Washington DC. This makes it one of the best alternatives in regions where very few other internet service providers are available.

The Xfinity Gigabit Pro is the best of Xfinity home internet plans with speeds of up to 3Gigabits both download and upload making it one of the fastest in the US. 


Xfinity provides a number of services including internet, phone, tv and smart home security solutions in 38 states and Washington DC as well as District of Columbia. The states are Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin. 

If you live in any of these states then you could consider Xfinity internet services for your home or business.

 Pros and cons.

Like any other Internet Service Provider, Xfinity internet has a number of pros and cons and you should be aware of all of these right from the start in order to make an informed decision about your internet needs.

There are a number of reasons why Xfinity could be the best alternative for you as far as home internet is concerned, but just like any other ISP there are a number of slight downsides that you should pay attention to as a customer.

The Xfinity internet pros include:

  • Wide area coverage. Xfinity provides it’s services in 40 states making it the largest cable internet provider in the US.
  • Affordable internet plans. Xfinity has some of the best and affordable internet plans in the country starting at around $50 for the 50Mbps plan. You can also cut costs further by using you own equipment as opposed to hiring from them.
  • Xfinity internet is highly reliable with low latency and downtimes.
  • There are over 20 million Wi-Fi hotspots across the country to keep you connected on the go.
  • You can easily swap your equipment with a new one in case it stalls or mulfunctions.
  • You can add the Flex 4k streaming box at no extra cost.
  • Xfinity app to get 24/7 support, view your plann details, upgrade, pay your bills and optimize your connection.
  • The xFi Gateway has advanced security ensuring maximum protection of your devices and your online safety.

Some of it’s downsides include:

  • Pricing and plans are largely area dependent and could increase over time especially after the first 12 or 24 months.
  • There could be extra charges you could incur including a $10/month equipment rental fee, $14/Month xFi Gateway fee and a $20 installation fee. Thankfully you can choose to buy your own equipment as long as it is compatible and do self installation. However using your own equipment makes you solely responsible for your own online and equipment security.
  • There's a 1.2 TB data cab in some plans that you should be aware of from the start.

Xfinity Internet plans.

Xfinity gives you a wide range of home internet plans to choose from including stand-alone internet plans, combo plans as well as an option to go for unlimited plans. There's also one prepay option and low cost internet plans as well.

Some plans allow you an option to sign term contracts or not, with another choice to go for professional or self installation. You can also decide to rent Cox equipment or use your own equipment so long as it is compatible. We will look at these in detail much later but first:

Compare Verizon FiOS Vs at&t fiber.

Xfinity Home internet plans.

1.  50Mbps.         $65.00/Month.

This is the cheapest Xfinity Home internet plan that can deliver an internet connection of  up to 50Mbps download speeds. This can connect up to 4 devices at a time and good for downloading music/photos, streaming and video conferencing.

2. 100 Mbps.          $83.95/Month.

For $89.95 per month you get up to 100Mbps download speeds which can connect up to 5 devices at a time. This is good for downloading music/photos, streaming and video conferencing.

3. 300Mbps.             $39.99/Month.

This plan gives you an internet connection of up to 300Mbps download speeds. This connection is good enough for multiplayer gaming, downloading shows or large files as well as multiple devices connection.

It costs $39.99  for the first 24 months with no term agreement and includes $10/Month automatic payments and paperless billing discount for 24 months. 

Free getting started kit & shipping.

Option to add Flex 4k streaming TV box plus voice remote at no extra costs. Includes peacock premium.

4. 600Mbps.                $59.99/Month.

This plan costs $59.99 per month for the first 24 months with no term agreement as opposed to earlier when you we're required to have a 1 year term agreement in order to enjoy the offer. Includes $10 per month automatic payments and paperless billing discount for 24 months. 

This connection allows you connect up to 11 devices at a time, supports fast downloading, HD streaming on multiple devices as well as multiplayer gaming.

 5. 900Mbps.        $69.99/Month.

Connect 12+ devices at a time.

Heavy downloading

High speed  streaming.

Multiplayer gaming.

6. 1200 Mbps.   $79.99/Month

This plan gives you up to 1200Mbps download speeds for $79.99 per month for the first 24 months and  $89.99 per month for months 25-36.

Includes $10 per month automatic payments & paperless billing discount for 24 months.

Free getting started kit & shipping.

Option to add Flex 4k streaming TV box plus voice remote at no extra costs. Includes peacock premium.

Unlock $10 per month off your internet bill for 24 months with an active Xfinity Mobile line.

This speeds are good for unlimited devices, downloading for ultra-connected households, streaming and multi-player gaming.

7. 2000Mbps.             $129.95/Month.

Connect unlimited devices.

Heavy high speed downloads.

High-res streaming.

Multiplayer gaming.

Please note that except the Gigabit Pro, many Xfinity internet plans are Asymmetrical, meaning the upload and download speeds are not the same. In fact, most of their plans have very low upload speeds for example the 200Mbps plan has upload speeds of up to 5Mbps.

This might not make Xfinity internet plans ideal for anyone who does alot of uploads like video conferencing or those who wish to work from home.

While the Gigabit Pro has a Symmetrical connection of up to 6Gbps both dowoad and upload, it's price might not be ideal for many.

A critical factor to note from the onset is also the fact that your monthly bill could significantly rise after the first introductory month, and might even go much higher of you don't opt in for paperless billing which will safe you $10 per month off your monthly internet bills.

While Xfinity will charge you an additional $14 per month for it's xFi Gateway device, their's an option for you to use your own compatible device, but this means you will be solely responsible for your online as well as device security.

There's also a $40 one off installation fee but also you can choose to do self installation.

Xfinity Overage Charges.

A number of Xfinity internet plans come with a 1.2 TB 1.25 TB monthly data allowance which is slightly better than the  Acco1.25 TB data cab of Cox. According to Xfinity, 1.2 TB of data per month is more than enough for your daily home internet needs and very few customers hit that limit. These data can allow you to:

  1. Stream 10 hours of HD Video and music for 7+ hours every day.
  2. Play online multi-player games for 3 hours every day.
  3. Video chat for 8 hours everyday
  4. Browse and check your emails for 9 hours every day.

But what happens if you exceed your data Cap?

If this is your first time exceeding your data limit in a 12 months cycle, Xfinity will be gentle and give you a one-time courtesy credit that covers any overage charges for that billing monthly circle. For the next overage you will be charged $10 per every 50GB exceeded till a maximum $100 monthly limit. This is exactly the same as Coz.

You will be automatically notified via text message and/or email when you pass certain thresholds of data usage during your usage. You can also check and keep track of your monthly data using the usage meter in your Xfinity account.

Since Cox doesn’t throttle internet when you reach your data allowance threshold, you could easily find yourself paying more monthly data bills if you don’t keep a good track of your data usage.

The above overage charges does not apply to a number of Xfinity products including Internet Essentials, Internet Essentials Partnership program, Xfinity prepaid, Gigabit pro, Xfi complete or unlimited data option customers.

You can choose to rent the Cox Panoramic WiFi Gateway for $12 per month or use your own compatible equipment. 

Xfinity Unlimited Internet Plan.

As stated above, Xfinity is among a number of Isps that have a data cap that can attract a fee if you exceed this cap. Others include at&t, Cox and Mediacom.

According to Comcast, the 1.2 TB monthly allocation is quite sufficient for your day to day internet needs, but if you find yourself going beyond this limit now and then there's a better option to opt in to than having to pay the monthly overage charges.

You can opt in to the unlimited internet which will cost you an extra $30 per month and enjoy unlimited internet without having to always keep track of your monthly usage.

This plan however is not available for non-internet Essentials and non-internet Essentials Partnership program customers.

Another option to enjoy unlimited internet is to opt for the Xfinity Gigabit Pro plan or look for another Isp that has unlimited internet plan including Frontier, Google fiber, Optimum etc.

Xfinity Gigabit Internet.

Some months ago, Comcast claimed to be at the top when it comes to internet speeds in the country when they introduced their Gigabit Pro plan which came with up to 3Gbps Symmetrical connection with up to 3000 Mbps upload and download Speeds.

They have since upgraded their Gigabit Pro plan with double speeds of up to 6Gbps upload and download Speeds for the same amount of $300 per month.

The good news is that this plan is also unlimited giving you freedom to enjoy super fast internet connectivity in your home.

If the Gigabit Pro is way beyond your means then you can also consider the basic Gigabit 1200Mbps plan or the slight upgraded 2000Mbps Gigabit plan. 

The slight downside here is that both plans have much lower upload speeds and come with a 1.2TB monthly data cap which could easily be exceeded considering such high speeds.

How Good is Xfinity Customer Satisfaction?
Customer Satisfaction is usually one of the key features to consider when picking an ISP provider, for you will not want to spend hours on the line waiting for a technical issue to be address or to get simple answers and explanations on your monthly bill.
Thankfully there are a number of customer satisfaction tracking bodies with their annual statistics helping millions of Americans make informed decisions when making purchases.
Xfinity has a reasonably good customer satisfaction score, and according to the 2021 J.D. Power's US Residential Internet Service Provider Satisfaction Xfinity ranked 2nd in East, and South regions respectively ranking a spot above the region's Average in both regions.
On a 1000-point scale, Xfinity Scored 725 points in East behind Verizon with a score of 758 and scored 740 in South behind at&t with 753 points.
In North Central Xfinity came third after At&t and WOW, and in West it also came third after Midcontinent and At&t.
Also according to American Customer Satisfaction Index 2021 Xfinity ranked third with 67 points behind the leaders at&t and Verizon who scored 71 points and Xfinity who scored 67 points. Cox ranked fouth with 63 points above other Internet Service providers including Spectrum and CenturyLink.

How fast is Xfinity Internet?

Well, this is a question that is usually area dependent, based on a number of factors including the internet plans available in your area and largely by the type of internet connection you are using, with fiber outperforming other types followed by DSL, cable and lastly fixed wireless.

Surprisingly enough, Xfinity didn't rank that well, even beaten by Cox. According to the second quarter statistics from Ookla, a speed testing website; As per it's Q2 2021 speed statistics Xfinity ranked third with a Speed Score of 154.69 behind coz which had a speed of 167.90 and Verizon which topped with a score of 170.22. At&t ranked fifth with 124.54 and CenturyLink sixth with a 57.97 score.

Xfinity also ranked third in latency behind Coz and Verizon with a 8ms latency. Spectrum came fourth, CenturyLink fifth and at&t sixth.



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