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Verizon FiOS Home Internet plans and prices

 Verizon FiOS is a Verizon brand that offers Internet, Tv and telephone services over a fiber optic connection. 

FiOS Internet is 100% delivered over  fiber optic with high speeds of up to 940Mbps. It also has no buffering or downtime with Verizon promising a network reliability of up to 99.99% uptime.

Verizon gives you an option to choose between stand-alone FiOS Internet plans or bundled plans that come with TV and  Telephone.

Verizon FiOS Home

Why Choose Verizon FiOS Internet.

Verizon FiOS is a purely fiber optic internet connection which ensures high reliability and top speeds with no buffering or downtime.

The biggest advantage is that it allows A Symmetrical internet connection with same download and upload speeds making it ideal for those who work from home, online conferencing and multiplayer gaming.

No long-term contracts. This ensures you don’t incur extra charges in case you want to change your plan.

No hidden charges or fees. What I like most about Verizon is their straight forward approach to their plans and pricing which ensures no hidden charges or penalties that their customers were not made aware from the time of signing up.

No data caps. FiOS internet plans have no data caps so you won't have to worry about extra charges associated with data allowances.

FiOS customers also enjoy a number of perks including up to $500 Early Termination Fee for new customers who want to move, $99 installation fee waiver if you make your order online and some cash offer on stream Tv Soundbar or Pro.

You can bundle your internet plan with TV plus digital voice on one bill.

Initially some plans will required you pay for router rental fees except the FiOS Gigabit plan which come with router rental included. Verizon have once changed this policy and now all FiOS plans come with free router.

You need to pay for installation fee which is waived in case you choose to go for an online order.

Another slight disadvantage is that Verizon FiOS is not widely available due to a low fiber coverage locking out thousands of otherwise willing subscribers.

Verizon FiOS Availability.

Verizon FiOS is a pure faiber optic internet service that is available in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Providence RI, Virginia and Washington DC.

However the network might not be available in the entire state and therefore would be good to check if Verizon FiOS is available in your area using this Verizon tool. You can also contact Verizon Sales on 1-855-972-4975 for assistance.

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Verizon FiOS Home Internet plans.

Verizon FiOS Home internet plans

Once you have confirmed that you are in an area where FiOS is available, then you can choose between threes FiOS Home Internet plans depending on your internet needs. These are:

1. FiOS 300 Mbps.

This is the cheapest FiOS plan that will cost you $24.99/Month with Auto Pay and select 5G mobile plans or $49.99 with Auto Pay and no 5g mobile plans.

You get 300Mbps download and upload speeds with router included. There's also a 2 year price guarantee and $100 off Stream Tv Soundbar or Pro.

The speeds can cater for almost all your internet needs allowing you to easily browse, chat and email with ease.

2. FiOS 500 Mbps. 

This is another great FiOS Internet plan that gives you same 500Mbps download and upload speeds for $44.99/Month with Auto Pay and select 5G mobile plans or $69.99 with Auto Pay and no select 5G plans.

You also get free device, a 3 year price guarantee and $250 off the Stream Tv Soundbar or Pro.

3. FiOS Gigabit Connection.

This is a high speed fiber connection that can give you up to 940Mbps download speeds and up to 880Mbps upload speeds. This can handle all your internet needs including entertainment be it streaming on multiple devices as well as multi-player gaming. You can seamlessly stream on multiple devices including in 4K HD making it ideal for family use where each member can connect with their individual devices.

The FiOS 1 Gig plan as is known will cost you $64.99 with Auto Pay and select 5g mobile plans or $89.99 

This plan has router rental included and you also get a Samsung Chromebook plus 2TB cloud storage included.

 Verizon FiOS TV Combo plans.

If you sign up for FiOS Home Internet you can as well choose a combo plan with TV. These are:

1. FiOS TV Test Drive. USD. 70.00/Month.

This plan allows you to test 425+ channels for 60 days and thereafter Verizon will recommend the best plan for you. First set top box rental is also included

2. Your FiOS TV.  $70.00/Month.

This plan allows you pick your favorite channels and Verizon will recommend a package for you with 125+ channels. Also the first set too box rental is included. You can add another set too box for $ 12 per month.

3. More FiOS TV $90.00/Month.

If you go for this plan you will get 300+ channels with first set too Box rental included.

 4. The Most FiOS TV $110.00/Month.

This plan gives you 425+ channels with 1st set top box i included. Premium channels like The Movie Channel, Epix and Showtime included.

You also get unlimited streaming on your own devices with the streaming device bundle included.

5. YouTube TV.  USD.64.99/Month.

YouTube TV plan gives you 85+ channels with unlimited DVR storage space for USD 64.99 per month.

6. FiOS TV Mundo. USD 90.00/Month.

With this plan you get 210+ channels with 1st set top Box and Basic DVR service included.

7. FiOS TV Mundo Total. USD 100.00/Month.

Get 125+ TV channels with 1st set top box and Basic DVR services included. 

Verizon FiOS Customer Service.

In case of inquiries please feel free to contact Verizon customer service on 877-596-7577 Monday to Friday 8 a.m to 6 p.m ET.

For technical assistance contact Verizon Technical Support on 800-37-4966 available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

FiOS Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What is FiOS?

FiOS is an acronym for Fiber Optic Service. It is a brand of Verizon that offers Internet, TV and Voice Services over fiber Optic. FiOS internet plans are purely fiber and have very good speeds, reliability and no buffering making them ideal for any one looking for reliable home or business internet.

2. Can I get FiOS in my area?

Due to the high cost associated with laying down fiber optic infrastructure, Verizon FiOS is only available in a number of states as well as Washington DC. These are Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, NewYork, New Jersey, Virginia, Washington DC, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania.

To check if Verizon FiOS is available in your area kindly use this Verizon tool

3. How much is FiOS internet?

FiOS offer three standalone internet plans of USD 39.99/Month for the 300Mbps plan, USD 64.99fpr the 500Mbps and USD 89.99 for the Gigabit Connection. You can also bundle your internet plan with TV and Voice under one bill and make a huge saving.

How to get Connected to Verizon FiOS.

In order to get Verizon FiOS you should first confirm in you live in a state that Verizon FiOS is available. Otherwise check for other Verizon Home products like DSL, LTE or 5G Home.

If you live within the listed Verizon FiOS States, then follow these steps to make your order: 

1. Check and confirm if FiOS is available in area or estate. You can do that Here.

2. Choose your preferred plan from the available options. You can choose a stand-alone internet plan or go for a combo plan with Internet, TV and Voice.

3. Place your order and schedule an installation date that is convenient to you. 

You can choose professional or self installation when placing your order. Verizon will verify if you can do self installation during ordering . This will depend on a number of factors including but not limited to:

  • If your house or residence is already wired for FiOS or not.
  • The status of existing equipment like the Optical Network Terminal (ONT). Some equipment require professional installation but most recent ones are good for self installation.
  • If there’s need for additional wiring in your house.
  • If you are cable of doing Self installation.

Professional Installation will usually cost you a one time Installation fee of $99 but this is waived in case you order online.

In case you go for self installation, Verizon will ship all the necessary equipment and guided in order to complete the Installation with ease but in case you face any challenges during installation there’s a 24/7 technical support available for you via call. You can also check a number of self installation tutorials on the Verizon FiOS Portal.

If you are already a Verizon customer but moving to a new home where FiOS is available, you can be allowed to move with your current equipment including your router, set-top boxes, remote and some wiring. However some old equipment might need replacement.

It is always good to install “My FiOS app” once you complete your online order so as to keep track of your Installation progress.

Please note that you can do installation at any time or date convenient to you but billing will begin on your due date.



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