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Comcast Small Business Internet packages

Comcast Small Business Internet plans Comcast Small Business Internet is a one-stop internet solutions for small businesses and SMEs that not only provides a reliable internet connection but also other solutions that allows you run your business activities with less distractions and peace of mind knowing that your online activities as well as connected devices are safe and protected.


Comcast Business Internet is available in 40 states across the US which are largely classified into four regions namely The NorthEast, The West, The Midwest and the South.

These states are Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Colombia, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Vermont, Wisconsin, Washington.

It is good to note at this point that Comcast provides it’s internet connection by DSL, fiber and a DSL/fiber hybrid. 

The extent of internet coverage is state dependent, meaning some states have a wide coverage than others. The type of connection as well as the available plans also depends on your location. To check Comcast Business Internet coverage in your area kindly use this Comcast tool

Why Choose Comcast Business Internet.

Unlike it’s Residential internet plans, Comcast Business Internet plans have no monthly caps thus you won’t have to worry about exhausting your monthly data allowance or extra costs associated with such caps.

Comcast prides itself of having an extensive fiber and HFC cable network in USA.

With Comcast Business you get 24/7 customer support as well as local service and sales teams based on your area.

A number of ad-ons to greatly improve your business internet experience including an automatic 4G LTE data as well as power backups and Security Edge to secure your online user experience.

You also get 20 million Comcast Wi-Fi hotspots across the US.

Comcast Small business Internet Plans.

Starter. Up to 50Mbps.

The starter business internet plan is good light browsing, emails and processing business transactions.

Standard. Up to 100 Mbps.

Whit the standard plan you can handle daily tasks like uploads, downloads and emails.

Performance. Up to 250Mbps

This bandwidth allows you to steam audio and video files as well as browse content-rich sites.

Advanced. Up to 300 Mpbs.

This plan allows you to speed up downloads on multiple devices and run backup services.

Premium. Up to 600Mbps.

This bandwidth allows you to connect more users and devices in real time as well as process multiple cloud-based apps, services and backup. Blacing Speed.

Gigabit extra.

This is the best of Comcast small business internet plans that allows speeds of up to 1.25Gbps. 

With this plan you can run multiple cloud-based apps, services and backups. It also allows for faster simultaneous large file downloads.

Please Note:

The availability of a specific plan and it's pricing is largely area dependant and to know which plans are available in your region and the exact pricing you need to visit Comcast Business.

No matter what the arrangement you select, each Comcast Business plan accompanies:

  • Programmed reinforcement - keeps your web on assuming the power goes out
  • No data caps
  • Free network protection
  • Xfinity Gateway - an across the board switch and modem
  • Dynamic IP
  • Quick, proficient establishment
  • 30-day unconditional promise

Comcast Business and Xfinity are two separate administrations. What you frequently catch wind of Comcast originates from private clients. Comcast Business has preferable surveys and better help over it's private partner. When contrasted with other business suppliers, Comcast Business stands apart as responsive, generally accessible, and decently valued.

What number of individuals/gadgets do you expect to be associated with your organization? 

Your business size will impact how much speed you want, however so will the quantity of clients you have to give a free WiFi network in your business. Likewise consider why you will utilize your organization. Handling installments and sending everyday messages doesn't need the quickest plan; nonetheless, in the event that you intend to have a server, you will require more speed.

Think about non-special rates. Most plans are recorded with their limited time rate as their cost. Special periods as a rule end inside the principal year of administration. Do yourself, and your spending plan, some help by contrasting non-special rates prior to buying an arrangement.

Think about agreement lengths and contractually allowable charges (ETF). Each Comcast Business web plan accompanies a long term agreement. Web contracts detail which charges you'll pay every month and assuming that you choose to early end your agreement. There's likewise a client understanding making sense of how you can and can't manage your organization. Completely read through them before you sign.

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Comcast Business Internet add-ons.

These are extra features that are available with Comcast business internet. They are:

Comcast Business Connection Pro.

This is a backup solution that allows you to keep your business up and running even during internet and power outages. The system automatically kicks in automatically during outages so you won’t have to worry about anything. It’s features include: 

Apart from it’s automatic 4G LTE internet backup you also get up to 8 hours of power backup.

You can add this feature to any Comcast Business Internet plan.

Comcast Business SecurityEdge.

This is a security feature by Comcast that helps safeguard your online business activities as well as connected devices.

You get advanced cyber security solution that protects you against threats like malware, ransomware, phishing and botnet attacks. The system automatically scans for new threats every 10 minutes.

All your connected devices via Comcast Business Internet are covered and there’s a personalized dashboard that allows you see threats in real time.

Leverage the power of free WiFi to boost your business growth.

Free WiFi is something other than an incredible way for clients to remain associated when they're at your business. It's additionally an extraordinary instrument to help improve and customize your advertising endeavors and give tailor made encounters to clients. Visitor WiFi can be a showcasing instrument to give customized encounters that will entertain visitors, and get rich experiences into the way of behaving of your clients.

Get consideration with a unique greeting page

Your WiFi landing page is a good platform worth considering. A landing page may be the main advanced collaboration a client has with your organization, so placing some thought into it is significant. Incorporate pertinent and helpful data about your business including your operating hours, contact data, connections to your social channels, and forthcoming specials or advancements.

Develop your virtual entertainment following

Online entertainment is a significant showcasing device, and it requires a ton of investment and work to fabricate a following. By incorporating web-based entertainment straightforwardly into the login cycle, you can rapidly add followers. Offer choices to permit clients to sign in with their virtual entertainment profiles and add a single tick buttons to permit WiFi clients to follow you via web-based entertainment organizations. Devotees who interface with you on friendly channels in the wake of having associated with your WiFi are a particularly hostage and significant crowd — in the event that they've previously visited you face to face, they are substantially more liable to feel an association and draw in with you on friendly channels.

Find out about your clients and their propensities

You can pull bits of knowledge from your visitor WiFi to assist with helping client experience, empower new advertising strategies, and drive new income. By examining footfall designs, you can perceive the number of individuals with WiFi-empowered gadgets are coming into your business, and the number of are strolling by. This sets out the freedom for you to comprehend traffic designs. Analyzing new versus rehash clients empowers you to move individuals back for resulting visits, and abide time figures permit you to perceive how long clients are visiting your business.

Intelligent advertising and rich personalization is digging in for the long haul, regardless of the size of your business. WiFi is an extraordinarily strong promoting instrument and independent companies ought to utilize it to its most noteworthy potential.




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