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Here is how to get the best out of your new M-Pesa Super App.


M-Pesa app

The new M-Pesa app is now live and if for one reason or another you haven’t downloaded it already then you need to head over to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store right now and experience the future of money.

The M-Pesa app was officially launched on Wednesday 23rd 2021 after months of testing. The launch marked a new milestone in Mpesa's as well as Safaricom’s journey so much so that it causes a major M-Pesa outage for some time. The issue was latter resolved and M-Pesa users got a chance  to experience this new revolutionary mobile money game changer.

Right from the design, the look and functionality of this app, there’s no hiding the fact that Safaricom is now on a Global stage and is no longer a Kenya or Africa only affair.

There are a number of revolutionary features in this app including the ability to carry out all transactions that we have gotten used with the traditional M-Pesa STK menu like buying airtime or sending money to other new innovative features like borrowing money, checking your M-Pesa statements, booking SGR tickets, insurance  andpolicies and so much more.

What is even good about the app is that it has an offline mode that allows you carry out all M-Pesa transactions safely and securely without the need of an internet connection.

In order to use the app, all you have to do is download it on the Google Play Store or on the Apple App Store. Then you will need to ensure you turn on your Safaricom data with your Sim card on the phone in order to sign in for the first time. Later you can access the app using any mobile or Wi-Fi network something that was not possible before.

You don't need to register since all it takes is your Safaricom line to sign in for the first time. Next you will need to give the app a number of permission and add your profile picture or skip it and do it later.

Once you complete the sign-in process by entering your M-Pesa pin you will be welcomed by a totally new M-Pesa experience like never before.

Right there on the home menu you will see your M-Pesa Balance, the amount spent so far in the month and your recent transactions.

These are the the new features you can enjoy with your new M-Pesa app:

Send Money to many people at once.

This is a new feature that allows you send money to many people at once so that they receive the exact amount or different amounts. To do this:

  • Log in to your M-Pesa app.
  • Click on the send and request icon at the top bar, then click on send money.
  • You can also go to transactions on the lower menu then click on send money.
  • Next select send to many.
  • Then scroll down your contacts list as you pick the people you want to send money to. You can as well just in-put the recipients phone numbers but is much easier if you have already saved them on your contacts.
  • Click continue and it takes you to the next step where you’re supposed to enter the amount you want to send.

You can send all the recipients a similar amount or different amounts by entering the amount each one is to receive in front of their names.

How to access your M-Pesa statements.

How to get the most out of the new M-Pesa Super App

The new M-Pesa app allows you to access your M-Pesa statements of up to six months. 

  • On your home page click on 'See all' next to M-Pesa statements.
  • Scroll down to see all your six months statement or click a specific month on the top menu.
  • You can also generate your M-Pesa statements by clicking on the 'Export Statements' tap.

Another interesting feature about this is that it allows you get your entire statement or get only specific transactions like Money send, Playbill, Buy good, withdrawals, airtime purchases, money in, money out or others.

Borrow Money.

For the first time M-Pesa now allows you to borrow money directly without the need of a fundraising Paybill number.
You can now request for cash from family or friends directly from the M-Pesa app. To do this:
Click on 'Send And Request'.
Then click on request money.
Then enter the phone number of the person you want to borrow from or pick it from your contacts list.

To be continued.


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