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How to subscribe to Airtel Tubonge Plus and make free on-net calls.


Airtel Tubonge plus

The Tubonge Plus is a new voice product from Airtel Kenya that allows subscribers make free Airtel to Airtel calls as well as choose between additional data or off net call bundle.

It is an addition of the Airtel Tubonge Tariff that has gained a lot of porpularity since it was first introduced early 2017. It allowed Airtel customers make free on-net calls and call across other networks at just Ksh. 2 bob per minute. At the time when other Networks were charging upto ksh.4 per minute for either on-net or offnet calls, Airtel Tubonge was seen as a revolutionary product that can allow it's users save alot when it comes to call expenses. 

The Tubonge Plus offers come in two options that you can choose from:

  1. At Ksh. 20 you get 100 minutes Airtel to Airtel calls per day and 10 minutes to other networks valid for 24 hours.
  2. For Ksh. 20 you get 100 minutes on-net minutes per day and 50 MB valid for 24 hours as well as call other networks at Ksh. 2 bob per minute.
How to subscribe to Airtel Tubonge Plus offers.
  • Dial *544# on your Airtel line.
  • Select option 2, 'Tubonge Voice-NEW'.
  • Choose option 1, 'Tubonge Plus-NEW'.
  • Select option 1 for 100 minutes on net and 10 minutes offnet or option 2 for 100 minutes offnet and 50 MB.
  • Choose autorenew or buy once.
  • Pay via airtime if through Airtel money.
  • Confirm your purchase and complete the transaction.
You will receive an SMS confirmation if your subscription valid for 24 hours since the time of purchase.

How to check Tubonge Plus balance.
  • Dial *544#.
  • Select option 2 for Tubonge.
  • Then option 1 again for Tubonge Plus.
  • And select option 4 for Tubonge balance.
You will receive an SMS with your balance details.
The Tubonge Plus offer is only available to prepay Airtel customers as well as hybrid customers but not post pay. Once your 100 minutes are exhausted you will be charged at a flat rate of Ksh. 0.5 per minute on-net calls.
In case the 24 hr period ellapses before you exhaust all your free minutes and bundles you will have to buy another offer, since the balance won't be rolled over to the next day. You are also not allowed to subscribe to more than one Tubonge offer at any one given time. The good thing however is that you can use Tubonge together with other Airtel offers, but the Tubonge Plus 20 gets first priority over other subscriptions like Airtel Unliminet .

Airtel Tubonge plans.
The ordinary Tubonge bundles are also available where you can subscribe to a daily plan at ksh.10,weekly at ksh.50 or monthly at ksh.150. With any of these subscriptions you get free airtel to airtel calls up to 100 minutes per day, 700 minutes per week or 3000 minutes per month, and you also get to call other networks at ksh.2 per minute.
This is a great deal considering the fact that most call rates at the country still stand at ksh.4 per minute.

What's the difference between Tubonge Plus and other Tubonge offers?
While all offers give it's subscribers free 100 Airtel to Airtel calls, the plus offers gives you an option to add an extra bundle be it data or 10 minutes to other calls.
All plus bundles are charges Ksh.20 and valid for only 24 hours, unlike other Tubonge offers that allows you to choose between daily, 7 day or 30 day validity periods.



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