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How to get connected to jamii Telecom home fibre.-techrunda.


How to get connected to JTL home fibre
Jamii Telecom, mostly known as Faiba, is one of Kenya's most revolutionary internet provider, with Fiber-to-the- home (FTTH) as one of it's major product.
JTL's Fiber to the Home is based on Gigabit Passive Optics Network(GPON) technology which can handle downstream speeds of up to 2.5 Gbps and upstream speeds of up to 1.25 Gbps.
Such high speeds ensures it's users can access 'anything internet' including UHD video downloads, video and music live streaming, fast web browsing, CCTV device compatibility, High definition (HD) video on demand, video conferencing, online shopping, smart home among other services which such bandwidth can only deliver. 
In January 2020, JTL increased it's fiber to the home bandwidth without affecting prices, a move that stamped JTL's firm leadership in fibre business.
Initially, the cheapest package of Ksh.5000 per month could provide a bandwidth of 5 Mbps, but was upgraded upto 30 Mbps for the same price. The highest plan which costs Ksh.20,000 per month now offers 125 Mbps up from 20 Mbps. Compare this with Safaricom's home fibre, whose highest plan, diamond offers 40 Mbps for ksh.11,499.

JTL home internet packages.

Ksh.5,000. 30 Mbps.

  • Enjoy fast web browsing, online shopping, social media, email and music as well as video streaming.
  • This is enough to cater for all your online video and music streaming,among online chatting as well as multiple device connections.
Ksh.15,000 75 Mbps.
  • This is ment for homes where internet is more than just for communication. Enjoy high speed video downloads, video conferencing, CCTV device compatibility among other services.
Ksh.20,000 125 Mbps.
  • This is no longer just for you, as you can now share your home connection with family and friends. Enjoy UHD video and music streaming, live conferencing, Smart home solutions among other services.
All packages are billed monthly and are prepay, so you have to pay for your preferred package monthly.

How to get connected  to JTL'S home internet

If you would like to enjoy JTL's home internet, contact them using any of the options given below for assistance. Alternatively follow these steps:
  • Go to
  • Select your preferred package from the given list.
  • Click on 'subscribe'.
  • Fill in the Faiba subscription application form. Details include residential address, your name, ID/Passport number, phone number, city and Postal address.
  • Once you complete the application faiba will get in touch and send their sales team to visit your premises.
  • Once they confirm the availability of their services in the region, you will need to make the necessary payments in advance.
  • Next a detailed installation survey is done and you will then need to give an installation date that is convenient to you.
  • The installation team will visit your premises on the agreed date and set up you up. 
Jamii Telecommunications LTD is a privately owned Kenyan company, a member of AdGroup and has a presence in a number of countries including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Sonia and London.
It's  major services include data carrier devices, satellite and internet backbone, International Gateway services, Broadband VSAT services, Signal distribution and broadband wireless services.
In 2017, JTL got the attention of everyone when it launched Faiba Mobile, the first mobile operator in the country to use the 700 Mhz band and the first to offer 100% free on net calls.
Though faiba Mobile had a number of advantages over the other mobile network operators, it's major challenge was the network coverage in the country and the limited list of Compatible Smartphones.
JTL has a number of successes including being the first to introduce VoLTE in Kenya, the first to achieve a 100 % fibre optic network and the first to deliver 10000 Mbps capacity network among others.
Other key home fiber providers in the country include Safaricom, Zuku, Liquid Telecom, POA internet among other fixed home internet service providers.

Jamii Telecom (JTL) Contacts:

Phone: 0208-405-100
Customer Care: 0747-585-100
Jamii Towers Upper Hill,
Nairobi Kenya.


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