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Netflix subscription plans, their prices and how to pick the right plan

Netflix subscription plans.
Netflix is the world leading streaming service provider operating in a number of countries including Asia and Africa.
Started as a DVD rental service, Netflix has grown over the years to become one of the most preferred online streaming provider, with tons of content including movies, documentaries, TV shows, Kids content and much more.
It has attracted a lot of liking due to their highly entertaining movies most of which are only exclusive to Netflix.
In some parts of the world it has become a lifestyle brand, and sometimes it would be embarrassing to just sit and listen to your friends discuss about the latest Netflix release when you have no clue.
If netflix is available in your country, then all you need to enjoy it's services is a compatible device, internet connection and an active Netflix subscription.
Netflix compatible devices.
Netflix is compatible to a number of devices including the following:
  • PCs and laptops
  • Game consoles
  • Smart phones and tablets
  • Blu-ray players
  • Set-top boxes
  • Smart TVs.
As long as your device can connect to the internet and accepts applications, then there is a high chance you can use it to access Netflix.
Netflix subscription plans.
There are three plans that you can choose from,; basic standard and premium, with each having different prices and benefits.
Basic Netflix plan.
This is the cheapest plan, going for USD.7.99 in my country, though the price can be different in your local.
With this plan you can watch all the content that Netflix has to offer just like with the other two subscriptions.
The only catch is that you will be streaming in SD, and not on HD or UHD. It also supports only one streaming device at any one given time.
Standard plan.
This costs USD 9.99 where I am.
It supports SD as well as HD viewing, giving you a better streaming experience than basic.
It also supports up to two devices simultaneously, making it ideal for couples.
Premium Netflix Plan.
This is the highest charged plan, supporting HD as well as UHD streaming.
With this plan you can also stream with up to 4 devices at a go, making it ideal for a family, since Kids can watch their own content on their own, adolescent can be streaming movies as their mom watches her best soap without quarrels.
Netflix allows you set up various profiles, so that there is no conflict of interest especially when using the standard and premium plans.
Since you will be charged on a monthly basis, then you won't have to wory about who watches what at what time, as long as they have affordable data plans.
There are also a number of adjustments you can make to save on data and so much more.
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Netflix recommended speeds.
From the above discussion, you can agree with me that as of now you can stream Netflix in either Standard definition (SD), High definition (HD) or Ultra High definition (UHD).
If possible every one would love to go for UHD, but the streaming quality you are going to enjoy depends on a number of factors major ones being:
  1. The subscription plan you have gone for. As we earlier stated, basic plan only streams in SD, Standard SD and HD, while premium supports all up to UHD.
  2. The video or display quality of your streaming device. You cannot enjoy UHD in a divice which does not support this. If you device as a resolution of 720 p or lower, then it will only support SD.
  3. Your internet speed. The recommended speeds are 3.0 Mbps for SD, 5.0 for HD and 25mbps for UHD. Speeds are a major issue in developing countries, and Netflix is always trying to come up with the best compression technology to allow fair streaming in slow connections. To enjoy HD or UHD ensure your video streaming quality is set to high or auto in your device.
Which plan should you go for?
There are a number of factors to consider before settling on a plan of your choice, and getting it right from the start will definitely improve your Netflix experience.
  1. The internet speeds in your region. By now we are in agreement that it will be of no use to subscribe to premium expecting to enjoy HD streaming when your internet cannot allow. This is not an issue for developed countries, but if you are in a region where internet is still in 2G or 3G, make sure you do a research on the internet speeds available in your region.
  2. Data prices. In many parts of Africa and Asia, DAT prices are still quite high, with many internet users baying as high as USD.5.0 for 2 GB of data, which can only last for approximately an hour of live streaming. In these regions therore, it will be quite uneconomical to go for heavy streaming.
  3. Your monthly entertainment budget. Netflix is mostly an entertainment subscription, and you first need to consider how much your budget can allow before settling on a given plan.
How to subscribe and pay Netflix in Kenya.
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