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Advantages of faiba mobile over other networks

Advantages off Faiba mobile over other networks

On 5th December 2017, Jamii Telecom changed the telecommunications landscape in Kenya with the introduction of Kenya's first full 4G network, Known as faiba mobile.
The birth of faiba mobile, which became Kenya's fifth mobile operator, was as a result of a series of events, the major one being the award of the 700 MHz spectrum, commonly known as band 28 to Jamii Telekom.
Apart from the cheaper data prices that surprised many, faiba network has other advantages unique to faiba, many of which you might not be aware of.
Advantages of faiba 4G network.
Faiba is a 4G only network.
This statement might look straight forward, but has a lot of hidden implications.
We all know that other network providers use the various network generations, including 2G, 3G and 4G. This is why sometimes your phone chooses between these signals, either based on your preference or the availability of a given signal. For instance, in a region where 3G is not available, your phone will automatically switch to 2G, if you have not restricted on the settings.
This ability to automatically switch between 2G,3G and 4G LTE might look advantageous, but in order to maintain all these, network operators have to maintain two sets of network technologies, the traditional circuit network and the 4G LTE network.
This becomes costly for the network operator, a cost which will be finally passed down to consumers.
Another disadvantage of this network arrangement is the huge battery drain as your phone switches from one signal to another.
On their part, faiba mobile is fully 4G, meaning it is cheaper, faster and saves a lot of batter juice.
Faiba mobile gives its customers free on net calls and SMS.
This is definitely the only network that provides unlimited free on net calls and SMS in the country.
All you need is an active data subscription, and you can talk non stop for free. This is one major advantage of a 4G only network as discusses above, affordable.
Affordable data bundles.
Data prices are still expensive in our country, and are still way out of rich to many mobile phone users.
If you are an heavy internet consumer and in a region where faiba network is available, then you have no reason whatsoever as to why you are not using this amazing faiba network.
Faiba has very affordable data plans with a wide range to choose from.
Imaging getting 8Gb of data for Ksh.300 weekly or 40 GB @ Ksh.2000 for 30 days.
Faiba mobile supports both VoLTE and ViLTE.
This is where the biggest faiba strength lies, and is a major advantage of faiba mobile over other networks. It is like comparing a bus and a jet. Both will take you to your destination but....
First let me explain what this two are:
VoLTE stands for Voice over Long Term Evolution, or simply Voice over LTE.
VoLTE means making calls through data, and not using the ordinary wire circuit.
This in itself has numerous advantages which include:
  • Faster call connection. Your call will be connected faster than ordinary calls.
  • High voice quality. Any one that has used VoLTE has noticed the crispy clear voice call this network delivers.
  • Better battery life. As explained above, VoLTE is a 4G only transmission, and your phone won't drain your battery while switching from the various networks.
  • WithVoLTE you can make a call at the same time browsing. This is a feature available to 4G networks only. In 2G or 3G, you can only do one at a time, either make a call or browse, since the network only connects one at a time.
On the other hand, ViLTE stands for Video over LTE.
This means you can initiate a video call directly from your dial pad, and won't need any app to do so.
Just go to your dialler like you want to call and initiate a video call.
It is believed that there are numerous uses or 4G, some of which are yet to be discovered.
However, the above clearly highlights the advantages that a network like faiba mobile has over other network providers.
That is why when JTL was given a 700 MHz operations licence, other network providers bitterly protested, knowing full the advantages JTL was going to have over them.
So, why is everyone not on faiba?
This kind of network has two major setbacks, which JTL have to endure and be patient, though with time they will finally reap the fruits or VoLTE.
The major disadvantage is that this network is not compatible to many phone. Even if a phone is 4G enabled, it might not support VoLTE.
From this List of mobile phones compatible with faiba mobile, it is clear that there are very few phones that support both faiba data and voice, while a number of them only support data.
You can only use faiba SIM in a region where there is faiba network. This still locks a lot of many regions, thus locking out many willing users.
  • Full list of phones compatible with faiba mobile


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