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5 phones to buy at any Safaricom shop by topping up any amount of bonga points with cash.

Bonga + cash phones

Nowadays bonga points can be redeemed for almost anything be it airtime, data, devices or even use lipa na bonga for shopping, pay utility bills and much more.
Even so, there is a bonga points feature Known as Flexi bonga, the least known yet can come in handy when shopping for a new phone or tablet.
With flexi bonga you can top up any amount of bonga points with cash to get a device at any Safaricom shop.
You can check the price of any phone and how much cash you will top up for a given amount of bonga points.
Once you have this information, you can visit any Safaricom shop near you to get the device.
How to check the amount of bonga points and cash top up for any phone.
Unlike the usual bonga point phones which require a specific amount of bonga points and a cash top up, flexible bonga allows you redeem any amount of bonga points and if not enough you can top up the balance with cash.
To check the amount of bonga + cash top up for any phone:
  • Dial *126*7# on your Safaricom line.
  • Select option 8
  • Under this there are three options, hot deals, check by phone name and check by price.
  • Under hot deals there is a list of phones, scroll and select your preferred phone.
  • Click on any phone and enter the amount of bonga you would wish to redeem if you were to buy the phone.
  • You will get a screen notification of how much you will have to top up.
  • Under check by price there is also a wide price range. Select one to get a list of phones that fall under the selected price range and it's cash price. Choose one and enter the number of points to know the cash top up
  • You can also check for any device using it's name.
Below is a list of 5 phones you can buy with flexi bonga.
1.Safaricom Neon Kicka 4
This is currently the cheapest smartphone retailing at Ksh.3499 online at masoko or at any Safaricom shop.
Network:          2G, 3G.
Screen size:      4 inch.
Display type:    IPS LCD.
OS:    Android 8 Oreo (Go edition).
RAM:   512MB.
Storage:   4GB
Camera:   2MP.
Battery:    1500mAh.

2.Huawei Y360
Network:          2G, 3G
Screen size:      4.0 inch.
Display type:    IPS LCD.
Resolution:       480 x 854 pixels
OS:                     Android 4.4.4(Kitkat)
Processor:        Mediatek MT6582(28nm)
RAM:                 512 MB
Storage:            4 GB.                  
Cameras:         Single 5 MP.                         
Video:              720p@30fps.
Selfie Camera: 2MP
Battery:   Removable Li-po 1730 mAh.

3. Samsung galaxy j1 Ace.
Network:          2G, 3G and 4G LTE.
Screen size:      4.3 inch.
Display type:    Super AMOLED.
Resolution:       480 x 800 pixels
OS:       Android 4.4.4 (kitkat);
Processor:        Spreadtrum SC9830
RAM:    512/768 MB.
Storage:    4 GB.
Cameras:  Single 5 MP.                           
Video:  720@30fps.
Selfie Camera: 2 MP
Battery:  Removable Li-ion 1900 mAh.
Fingerprint:     rear mounted.

4.Alcatel idol 3
Network:          2G, 3G and 4G LTE.
Screen size:      6.3 inch.
Display type:    IPS LCD.
Resolution:       1080 x 2280 pixels
OS:  Android 9 (pie);
Processor:   Snapdragon 660 (14nm)
RAM:  4GB or 6GB
Storage:  64/128 GB expandabe up to 512 GB
Cameras:   Triple, 48 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP                              depth    sensor.
Video:         2160@60fps,1080p@30fps.
Selfie Camera: 20 MP with LED flash.
Battery:  Non removable Li-po 3,500 mAh.
Fingerprint:     rear mounted.


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