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How to send money from world remit to Mpesa.

Mpesa Worldremit
You can now send money safely from abroad to anyone in Kenya thanks to  a partnership between Worldremit and M-pesa.
The partnership is among the many that mpesa have entered with various international money transfer services and online stores as a result of the M-pesa global initiative.
M-pesa Global opened international doors to Mpesa customers, allowing them to send or receive money from virtually anywhere in the world.
World remit is an international online money transfer service providing fast secure money transfers to almost any part of the world.
With it's focuses on mobile money transfers and hence it's simplicity, it comes as a great relief to Kenyans in the diaspora who would like to send money back home from time to time either for emergencies, school fees or developmental projects.
Apart from Mpesa, worldremit has also partnered with various leading mobile money platforms world wide.
When dealing with online money transfers, some of the factors that should be taken into consideration are:
  • security. You don't have to find out that your money have disappeared on transit, or someone has found a loophole and emptied your account while attempting to send money.
  • Cost of transaction. A good platform is one which after giving you a secure transfer platform, won't charge you exorbitantly for a simple transaction as sending money abroad.
  • Transfer Duration. The faster it is to complete a transaction the better for everyone, including the sender, the recipient and the service provider.
Worldremit was born out of a necesity to have a cheaper simpler and secure means for those abroad and would like to regularly sent money  to families and friends in sending money either to your loved ones back home in Africa.

To ensure that the process of sending money to kenya is even made more simple and faster, Worldremit and M-pesa signed a partnership in august 2018, that has simplified the process of sending money to Kenya from abroad.
This partnership, increased the options of transferring money to Kenya, which include direct bank deposits, cash pickups and airtime top up.
How to send money from Worldremit to M-pesa.
To send money trough M-pesa, all you need is the recipient's account number, which is basically their Safaricom mobile number. The mpesa account should be valid and active.
Once you have this number,(it is also good to have the recipient's name) follow the steps below to send them the money through Worldremit.
Mpesa Worldwide

1. Go to Worldremit and log in
2. Select the country to send money to. In this case, Kenya.
3. Under the transfer options select 'mobile money transfer'
4. Click on 'send'
5. Enter the amount to send.
6. Enter the recipient's mobile number.
Both you and the recipient will receive a notification on the transaction through SMS and email.
Unlike bank deposits which take up to one day to reflect, M-pesa transfers are instant, and therefore come in handy inbcase of an emergency situation.
Please note:
As a result of M-pesa regulations:

  1. The maximum allowable per transaction is Ksh.70,000.
  2. Since the maximum allowable M-pesa account balance is Ksh.100,000, the amount you can send depends in the recipient's balance. In case they have a balance, then it is advisable they first withdraw or transfer to another account.
  3. In a period of 30 days, you are allowed a maximum of 20 transaction, not exceeding USD.5,000 in total.

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Why choose Worldremit Mpesa.
There are many other platforms of sending money to Kenya, but why choose this method?
1. World remit has a user friendly website, easy to understand and use.
2. You don't need to undergo a tedious registration process  in order to use Worldremit.
3. This method is one of the most safest money transfer platforms, and you don't have to worry about loosing your money in transit.
4.Mpesa is the most trusted money transaction service in Kenya, with a country wide availability.
5. When you send money to an mpesa wallet through Worldremit, the money will be directly deposited on the mpesa account of the recipient and they can immediately begin using the money either to pay for goods and services using Lipa Na M-pesa (pay with M-pesa) or withdraw just like from any bank account.
6. There are no hidden charges. World remit has an online calculator. When you enter the amount to send, it will automatically display the amount the recipient will get in Ksh and the transaction charges. The recipient will not be charged any transaction charges.
7. Since Worldremit solely focuses on money transfers and does not engage in other activities like trading or gambling, limiting changes of making a wrong transfer.
8. Both worldremit and Mpesa have a dedicated customer support service.
I can go on and on with this list, but the bottom line would still be that this is one of the most convenient ways to send money to Kenya from abroad.
Worldremit also gives you an offer of a free transaction on your first transfer as well as a  cash bonus for subsequent transactions
Since Safaricom opened M-pesa to the world through it's Mpesa global initiative, mpesa have partnered with various international money transfers and financial institutions to provide a seamless cross border money transfers between M-pesa and such institutions.


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