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How to register, borrow and repay Fuliza Mpesa.

How to borrow Fuliza Mpesa
You can now send money or pay for goods and services with Lipa na mpesa even without funds on your M-pesa account, thanks to the recently launched FULIZA M-pesa.
In this article we are going to discuss and inform you on everything you need to know about this service including:
  • What is fuliza M-pesa.
  • How to register
  • How to borrow fuliza overdraft
  • Fuliza rates and charges
  • Repaying your loan
  • Penalties for late repayment and default consequences
  • Frequently asked questions about fuliza and customer reactions.
What is Fuliza M-pesa?
Fuliza is an overdraft facility that allows M-pesa customers to complete their M-pesa transactions when they have insufficient funds in their M-pesa.
It is offered by Safaricom in partnership with Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) and Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB).
It allows Mpesa users send money or pay for goods and services through Lipa  na mpesa with or without money on their Mpesa account.
 They are then given  a period of 30days from the day they received the funds to repay.
It is good to note at this point that Fuliza should not be confused as a mobile loan, and should be treated as an overdraft, meaning it is designed to be used only on emergency cases and should be fully relapayed within a month.
How does Fuliza Work
Fuliza is a kind of an emergency loan, that allows you send money or do any Lipa na mpesa transaction when you don’t have sufficient money on your mpesa account to do so.
For instance, if you want to send someone Ksh.2500 and you only have Ksh.2000 in your mpesa account, then you can borrow 500 from fuliza to complete your transaction then repay later; with a small fee of course. However, you can borrow fuliza with or without an mpesa balance.

How to register for Fuliza.
For you to enjoy fuliza, you must be a registered Safaricom subscriber with an Mpesa account that has been active for at least six months.
You can subscribe to this service either through USSD or on the Safaricom app.
To register using USSD:
  •  On your Safaricom sim, dial *234#.
  • Select option 0,'Fuliza mpesa'.
  • Select option 1 to join.
  • Then accept fuliza terms and conditions.
  • You will receive a registration confirmation SMS indicating your first Fuliza borrowing limit.
On my Safaricom app.
To sunscribe:
  • Log in to your Safaricom app
  • Go to M-pesa
  • Click on Fuliza M-pesa
  • Click on 'opt in' to register
  • Accept terms and conditions.
Safaricom have the sole right to accept or decline your application, and in case your application is turned down, you will be notified on the reasons that led to such a decision.
Each Safaricom line is treated as a different account, and if you have more than one M-pesa account you will have to apply for each line independently.
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How to request for a fuliza mpesa loan.
Once you have successfully registered for Fuliza, you will receive an sms indicating the minimum amount you can borrow with Fuliza. This limit is arrived at based on your mpesa transactions, including Mshwari details. The higher you Mpesa transactions the higher the Fuliza limit.
Your second application will also depend on your repayment history of the first loan. In order to increase your limit it is good to promptly pay the initial one. 
To get Fuliza, just do an mpesa transaction when you have insufficient mpesa balance, Eg sending someone 3000 with an mpesa balance of Ksh.500. you will get an sms that you have insufficient balance, and if you would like to get 2500 fuliza.
To accept, select option 1 and if your Fuliza limit is above that amount, then your transaction will go through.
Currently, Fuliza can only be used to send money to another Safaricom subscriber (whether registered mpesa users or not)
Or to carry a Lipa Na Mpesa transaction. You cannot, however, withdraw the money directly from you Mpesa account at an mpesa agent.
Fuliza M-pesa charges.
Fuliza is an overdraft that attracts a one off access fee of 1% and a daily charge between Ksh 2 and 30 per day depending on the amount borrowed.
The daily rates are as shown below:
Amount.(Ksh)   Charges per day(Ksh)
0-100                      a one off fee of Ksh.2
101-500                   5
501-1000                 13
1001-1500               20
1501-2500               25
2501-70,000            30
How to repay Fuliza M-pesa loan.
When you borrow a fuliza overdraft, your account will be credited a negative amount equivalent to the borrowed amount and the incurred rates.
The longer you take to repay the loan the higher the charges, and hence you should try as much as possible to repay it within the shortest time possible.
Since your account has a negative value, any money that is deposited into your M-pesa will be automatically deducted to repay the fuliza overdraft.
If the money deposited is less that the borrowed amount, then it will still incurs daily charges until it is fully repaid.
This clearly shows that you cannot carry out any other M-pesa transaction until you first clear the overdraft.
This can put many in a vicious borrowing circle, and that is why Safaricom don't allow you to directly withdraw fuliza funds.
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Fuliza frequently asked questiins.
1.Is Fuliza a loan?
No, this is an overdraft facility that allows you to make payments or send money when you have insufficient M-pesa balance then repay it will a small fee.
2.How is my fuliza limit calculated?
You fuliza limit is based on your M-pesa transactions, including your M-pesa mobile loan history.
3. How do I increase my Fuliza limit?
To grow your limit,pay your previous fuliza on time, and increase your M-pesa transactions like using lips na M-pesa, sending money, buying airtime from M-pesa and so on.
4.What happens if I send fuliza to a wrong number?
Once you borrow a fuliza overdraft, it will remain so and attract  the daily charges, irrespective of the recipient of the money.
In case of a wrong transaction, follow the normal M-pesa reversal procedures, but whether successful or not you will still have to repay the borrowed money plus the charges.
5.What happens if Someone Sends you money by mistake and you have a fuliza loan?
This is a question many Kenyans have been asking Safaricom, and although at first they seemed hesitant to answer, they finally did.
If you have a fuliza loan, any money deposited into your account will first be used to settle the loan, irrespective of where the money comes from, therefore the money will de treated just like any other deposit, and will be automatically deducted.
From the last two questions, Fulizacould give mpesa cons another upper hand.
What they will have to do is first borrow a fuliza overdraft and send it to another number, so that their account has a negative balance so that any money that will be received through conning will be automatically deducted to settle the negative account.
This means you should increase your alertness when doing any M-pesa transaction.
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  1. My fuliza limit has remained 00 since i registered why?


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